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Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014    Vol 3178 - Seal oil

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Pretend You like the Poor
Arrow Student Expelled, Cast Spell
CBS Turns Into Fox News II
Arrow Obamacare Horror Story
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Hot Vampire - Ashley Greene

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"T'll pay you an additional $100 each week if you
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Pretend You like the Poor
That's what the new GOP Memo says


A GOP memo coaches members on how to speak about unemployment in a compassionate manner,
according to the Washington Whore Post.  The memo says unemployment is a "personal crisis" and
asks them to give "proper consideration" to unemployment benefits before voting them down..

The Senate voted to extends unemployment benefits Tuesday, but John Boner (R-Ring-in-Nose)
has insisted that the extension must be paid for in order to pass the lower chamber.
The DNC criticized the GOP's heartless approach to the poorest Americans.

"Republican leaders can offer advice on how to sound empathetic when discussing unemployment
but Republicans voted against unemployment benefits," said, Rebecca Chalif listing the facts.

"No amount of message guidance is going to change the reality that their policies blow donkey."

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Subject: Kluwe the fired punter

Darn Bart, you disappoint me.  I thought only FOX gave just half a story.

Are you trying to pick a fight?

Kluwe was one of the highest paid kickers in the league. 
He had knee surgery and never performed well again. 
He missed games and his replacement out performed him.
They let him go because they now have a better kicker for much less money.
They didn't get rid of the other Gay team members.
What would you have done?
My name is also Bart - please keep it "fair and balanced".
Shasta Bart
 Mt Shasta, CA
You think I have time to research the careers of NFL players I've never heard of?

This page gets put together at 95 MPH and there's no time to think, much less investigate. 
I have no choice but to go with my gut and move on to the next 95 MPH story.

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Student Expelled for Casting Spell
It could only happen in Oklahoma


A Tulsa-area high school suspended a student after accusing her of casting a magic spell
that caused a teacher to become sick, lawyers for the student said on Friday.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Tulsa, on behalf of Brandi Blackbear,
charging that the assistant principal of Union High School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma,
suspended her for 15 days last December for supposedly casting a spell.

The suit also charged the Tulsa-area Union Public Schools with repeatedly violating
Blackbear’s civil rights by seizing notebooks she used to write horror stories and
barring her from drawing or wearing signs of the pagan religion Wicca.

“It’s hard for me to believe that in the year 2000 I am walking into court to defend my daughter
against charges of witchcraft brought by her own school,” said Timothy Blackbear, Brandi’s father.

But Dude - you live here - you know how crazy these backwards Okies are.

How can you be suprised when they demonstrate their ignorance and religious insanity?

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He represents 47% of American voters.

Subject: unnecessary roughness

Bart, after only two posts, I was kicked off of Democratic Underground because I criticized Senate Dems
and Obama for not fighting hard enough or even at all in maintaining insurance benefits for the 1.3 million unemployed.
I criticized Patty Murray and Obama for saying out front (as usual) that such benefit extensions were off the table
in their round of talks with Ryan.

In my second post, I said I favored Elizabeth Warren over Hilary because I didn't trust that Hilary wouldn't be like
Obama and throw us Liberals under the bus, but that I would support Hilary because I think it's way too soon for
Warren to run..after all, I wrote, I don't want Warren to be another McGovern and set back the Liberal movement
another 2 decades.

For this, I had my posting privileges revoked and my profile erased. Fuck, Bart,
I felt I was in the fucking old Soviet Union and being punished for political impurity.

I thought DU was a group of ass-kickers. Was I wrong! And I didn't even swear...well I used
'fuck' once but only as a descriptive, not aimed at anyone. But others used it as well.

I don't know, man, it's getting hard to be a Democrat with balls anymore.
I've been kicked out of better bars than DU.

Hope you are doing well, my friend,


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CBS Turns Into Fox News II
And here's the reason why that happened


The President of CBS News is David Rhodes. He was hired in February 2011.
He was formerly the Vice President of News at Fox "News".

Again, the current President of CBS News was VP of News at Fox "News".

Rhodes began his career as a Production Assistant at the newly-launched Fox News Channel
in 1996, where he later became Vice President of News. At the network he managed coverage
of three presidential elections, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, hurricanes including Katrina,
and was the channel's Assignment Manager on the news desk the morning of September 11, 2001."

That means at the height of the recent CBS News/60 Minutes false Benghazi report (before CBS was
finally forced to retract the entire fake story), that Rhodes "was the guy who worked hand-in-glove on
the biased, often propagandistic, Fox 'coverage' of the run-up to the Iraq war, the 2000/2004/2008 elections,
the Plame affair, the worst years in Iraq, and all other things Bush and Cheney, and so on."

Again, this guy is now the President of CBS News.

No wonder 60 Minutes turned into a radical, right-wing pack of lies.

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Subject: Bart, your ostrich neck is showing again...

...if you think for one minute there aren’t real victims of NSA surveillance
and the DOD/DOJ/CIA/FBI covert operations based on it.

Are you arguing with me or Gene Lyons?
"the Snowden affair has become the left’s equivalent of the Benghazi delusion:
  much ado about terrible crimes that haven’t actually happened."

This article cites the case of the innocent wedding party taken out on 12/12 last year in Yemen. 
We were trying to nail one of Al Queda’s finest there, but instead the intelligence went sideways...

What does Snowden have to do with Yemen?
You want to say people on the ground fucked it up, fine.  On the other hand we may have been
fed wrong information first hand, and directly through Prism for all we know.  It’s all so secretive
no one can find out the truth.  But wouldn’t many sources be consulted before such an attack? 
And if protocols weren’t followed, which this article suggests, then how can we trust that our
surveillance “tools” won’t be abused if placed in the wrong hands, or even in the right ones?

You are choosing to ignore the facts.
Our options re terrorism are:
Surrender to al Qaeda and do nothing, which is YOUR position if you reject Options 2 and 3
Put troops on the ground in 6-8 countries.
Use drones and lose no American lives

I assume your choice is to surrender?
So here’s my point:  When even the President of the United States cannot guarantee that protocols
will be followed before people are injured or killed, does it matter whether the victims are aliens or citizens? 

Bad things happen in war.
You can get upset about that but you can't change the facts.

How much “collateral damage” has to occur before we realize our country and our liberties could
be the next victims?  How much damage do we have to suffer before it becomes painfully obvious
these programs are capable of not only doing us great harm, but offer no protection at all?

So, your choice is to surrender to al Qaeda?
This is why the right calls us "surrender monkeys."
Now for the record, I’m not worried about drone strikes in the US.  And I’m not worried about my
house being raided in the middle of the night either (although that is a greater possibility than a drone
hitting it).  But if it were to happen who would ever know, unless it was reported by a free press?

The world is a dangerous place.
Wishing it wasn't is not the answer.

Until you can answer the very simple question put to you,

how do you expect to be taken seriously?

1, 2 or 3 - what's it going to be, Justin?

Send e-mail to Bart

Sirius XM

by William Rivers Pitt


It was late September in 1993, and my friends and I were at a campground.
A joint the size of New Jersey began making the rounds, as was tradition.

I happened to notice a man two campsites over giving us a long, hard stare.
Te man started walking towards me, He put out his hand, and introduced himself.
"I hope I'm not intruding," he said.

"Not at all," I told him

"I noticed you guys were smoking a joint."

"Uh-huh," I replied.

"I don't know anyone who smokes weed, he said."

"Uh-huh," I replied.

"My father has cancer, he said. It's bad. He can't eat because of his treatments,
and that's as bad as the cancer. His doctor pulled me aside last week and
mentioned marijuana as something that could help him."

"Uh-huh," I replied.

You don't know me, he said, but I was wondering if you could give me some,
so I can see if it helps him. I don't know anyone else I can ask.

I got tears in my eyes reading that.

His father is dying, the doctor suggests pot - but he can't find any.
So he approaches a group of possibly-armed campers and asks for some illegal dope?

Right now America is still 98 percent barbaric when it comes to pot,
dropping to 96% barbaric when Washington starts selling it later in the year.

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Obamacare Horror Story

This is a true Obamacare horror story:

Yesterday I posted about a Fort Worth Star Telegram article that leads with the tale of Whitney Johnson,
a 26-year-old new mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS). Her insurer just cancelled her policy,
and according to Johnson, new insurance would cost her over $1,000 a month.

The good news is that the thing that makes it a horror story isn't that Whitney Johnson lost her insurance
and can't afford new coverage, because it turns out Johnson actually was able to purchase coverage for
$350 a month—not the $1,000 she initially had told the newspaper.

What makes it a horror story is that when the Star Telegram learned that Johnson actually was able to
get coverage, they did nothing to change their original report, even though it was at best incomplete.
As Maggie Mahar, who wrote the post linked above, puts it:

This major daily’s nearly 200,000 daily readers saw the story that would lead them to believe that
Americans who received cancellation notices were “left in limbo.” Most, it concluded, would wind up
uninsured – or paying more than they could afford.  As I’ve pointed out many times – and as more and
more coverage is revealing – the opposite is true.

Mahar researched the stories of three other "Obamacare losers" included in the Star Telegram's report;
it turns out Johnson's story was not alone in being incomplete. In fact, of the four people in the report,
three were f-ing Teabaggers. That alone doesn't prove anything, but when you've got a bunch of
teabaggers who just so happen to make the perfect Obamacare victims, it can't hurt to be skeptical.

Major newspapers are overtly lying to sabotage health care for the poorest Texans,
when Texas has the most uninsured poor people in America.

How do these bastards get ANY votes at election time?

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Subject: RE: Snowden is the Left's Benghazi

I disagree. I don't think Snowden is a hero, but he's not a traitor.

The President and I disagree with your opinion.

The NSA operations he exposed *are* UN-Constitutional. When the
government engages in criminal activity, it must be exposed and opposed.
 John S

But at what cost?
How many people (or cities) would we need to lose before you change your mind?

IF saving American lives is illegal, should the government do it?

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Why? Because the Democrats refuse to fight.
And if they decide to fight, they have no idea how to do it.

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 Subject: Gene Lyons

Hey Bart,

Gene still has that wonderful piss and vinegar from the 90s when he and Conason were
the only ones with the balls and brains out there putting Clinton's Enemies to shame.
Too bad they were the only voices of reason in the Wilderness of that time.

I keep in touch with him to this day. He was always a lively guest on my radio show.
Take care, partner.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is Karen Steele, one of Mudd’s Women on Star Trek.
Gene W

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Hi Bart, that is Paris, and the building is the Louvre Museum. 
Anyone who has seen the movie The DaVinci Code will recognize
the glass pyramids.  Heck, Mary Magdalen is buried down below!
  Rick P
Business Analyst/Custom Development,

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's an Imperial Landaulette "Wedding Car."

Bart, that's an Imperial Landaulette Wedding Car.
Horgans New Imperial Landaulette is a stunning seven seater vehicle with an
unbelievable amount of space inside for the comfort of your seven passengers,
this car can also accommodate the grandest of Bridal Gowns, being partially
convertible this vehicle caters for all unexpected weather conditions.
  Paul in VAa 196

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that's Mae Questell, the voice of Betty Boop!

That link is to a great Max Fleischer cartoon (the guy who did the great Popeye toons)
Watch as Betty gets the whole neighborhood high on laughing gas.

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Hot Vampire - Ashley Greene


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