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Thurs-Wed, Feb 6-12, 2014    Vol 3195 - High karate

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow NFL Ready for Gay Player?
Arrow Christie's Self-Inflicted Wounds
Deputy Drug Czar: Pot Is Better
Arrow 'Most Desirable' Woman Named
No Clemency for Snowden
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Boomer Hotties - Jaclyn Smith

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If only our brain-dead Democrats could think...

Olympics Quotes

"The torch bearer is Maria Sharapova.  Full disclosure — I had breakfast with her this morning.”
--  Matt Lauer at the Olympics, trying to be cool but coming off like a pompous dick    Link

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NFL Ready for Gay Player?
Michael Sam Comes Out Before the Draft


The announcement by Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman at the University of Missouri,
that he is gay comes just as drafting season begins for the National Football League and as a national
conversation about intolerance in professional sports is heating up.

If Mr. Sam is drafted into the NFL this May, his announcement could make him the first openly gay player
in the league, a sporting giant that has so far shown little interest, if not outright resistance, to bringing openly
gay players into its ranks but might now be prepared to change, some experts say.

Sam’s teammates and coaches had known he was gay since August, when he told them during a preseason
training session. His teammates, who had no problem with Sam’s sexual orientation, had kept quiet. But he
decided to go public as he became aware that rumors about his sexuality were floating in NFL drafting circles.

“I just want to make sure I could tell my story the way I want to tell it,” Sam said. “I just want to own my truth.”

It took a lot of courage for Sam to come out.  Since his teammates have known since August
- and they had no problem with it - why should the NFL have a problem with it?

Gay equality can't be stopped.
They have Big Mo and that's a "game changer."

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Corporations are considered people
because our Supreme Court is crooked.

Crooked Chris Christie's Self-Inflicted Wounds


Listen, it doesn’t matter anymore whether crooked Chris Christie knew about “Bridgegate” or not.
As far as his presidential aspirations go, it doesn’t matter if subpoenas reveal that he flew in a helicopter
over the traffic-choked city of Fort Lee laughing and snapping selfies with his iPhone.

Any voter with even a modicum of common sense already has more than enough information to
determine that this man has no business as chief executive of even one state, much less the entire country.

What we now know about how things have been run in Trenton over the past few years leaves voters with
two choices about how to view Chris Christie. Either the governor of New Jersey is a vindictive bully who
uses his executive authority to punish his enemies, or he’s the kind of guy who not only gives wildly
irresponsible people positions of authority in his administration, but also fails to supervise them afterward.

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Subject: Pot car crashes: Yup, it's bullshit

Hi Bart,

That whole “one in 9 drivers in fatal crashes tested positive for marijuana” and the “fatal crashes
involving marijuana use has tripled” are BOT bogus statements that aren’t supported by the data.

First of all, “testing positive” has nothing to do with intoxication, which could have happened several
days before the crash. Also, what the article isn’t clear about is how many of those testing positive for
marijuana also tested positive for much harder drugs, or were drunk. Finally, they didn’t correlate the
traffic fatalities as having had anything to do with impairment at all. Hell, I might slide off the road and
die tonight in the shitty snowstorm we’re having, and I might “test positive” from the weekend’s activities,
but my marijuana use wouldn’t have jack shit to do with dying in traffic tonight.
These researchers, however, might count me in the “marijuana-related” category anyway.

Some researchers are paid a lot of money to find the findings their sponsors are hoping to find.
You have to look at who is sponsoring the research, who is conducting it, and the ethical guidelines
that govern the research. The only research of this type that  I trust is funded by the NIH. 

I’d be willing to bet there’s an almost 99% overlap in the alcohol-caused fatalities
and the ones they’re counting in this study as being marijuana-related.

Correlation does NOT equal causation.

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Subject: Snowden

Bart, don't worry about people who like that idiot.

They're the same people who will yell "Why weren't we warned?" after the next terrorist act,
 Steve W

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Deputy Drug Czar: Pot Is Better
"Less Deadly Than Alcohol and BIG Pharma"


Deputy drug czar Michael Botticelli admitted today that marijuana, while dangerous, is not as
deadly as other hard drugs, alcohol, or even prescription drugs. And though he's not in favor of
legalizing weed, he is opposed to harsh jail sentences for its users.

Botticelli was questioned by Virginia representative Gerry Connolly in a hearing about marijuana.
Botticelli said that marijuana is not a public health threat akin to alcohol or prescription drugs
but still has "significant health consequences." It wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement, but it was
similar to Obama's statements in his recent interview with The New Yorker.

Your damn right it's not akin to more dangerous drugs like alcohol or prescription drugs.

Nobody dies from pot, unless a cop shoots them during an arrest for smoking God's flowers.

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Screwed-up schedule

So, we spent the last several days near Tyler, Texas, home of Rep. Louie Gohmert,
who is the Jim Inhofe of Tejas (not a compliment).

BTW, when I was in Tejas, I heard some Republican telling other Republicans (It was on
the radio so I couldn't see who it was) and he said Tejas would be BLUE in ten years because
the GOP keeps pissing off women, the young, the old, gays, Blacks, Hispanics etc.

Don't you love good news?

Several weeks ago we made plans to take Thursday the 13th off.

Thursday is the tenth anniversary of you-know-what and I'm still f-ing alive
(and a giant "Fuck you" to the doctor who told me I had "no chance" to beat this)
so we decided to celebrate in a nearby state (cough).

Might make for an interesting Trip Report.

Next week four new issues, I promise.

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Med Pot gains in Deep South


Medical marijuana has been a non-starter in recent years in the Deep South, where many Republicans
feared it could lead to widespread drug use and social ills. That now appears to be changing, with proposals
to allow a form of medical marijuana gaining momentum in a handful of Southern states.

This year powerful GOP lawmakers in Georgia and Alabama are putting their weight behind bills that would
allow for the limited use of cannabis oil by those with specific medical conditions. Other Southern states are
also weighing the issue with varying levels of support.

The key to swaying the hearts of conservative lawmakers has been the stories of children suffering up to
100 seizures a day whose parents say they could benefit from access to cannabidiol, which would be
administered orally in a liquid form. And proponents argue the cannabis oil is low THC.

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Subject: Glacier Park (last issue)

Bart, I was there in the 30s, and just remember seeing glaciers and snow that summer;
also buying a purse at the Indian Trading Post from an Indian.  Ye gods, I must be getting old! 

I may be doing better than our planet; which has been ravaged, mistreated, exploited, and controlled
by the oil racket since the invention of the automobile.  I even remember when we had great trains. 
There were streetcars that ran in the winter in the Midwest.  People just put their cars in the garage
when it was snow time.  Kids actually walked to school.
Enough of "back in my day", sorry.  Couldn't resist.
Love to you all.

Carolyn, Glacier Park is still beautiful but the actual glaciers are almost gone.

"Those glaciers are hiding to help Obama!"

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'Most Desirable' Woman Named
How can she be if most men never heard of her?


Emilia Clarke has been voted the most desirable woman in the world by,
following a rigid electoral process that saw more than 1 million votes.

I really, really doubt that.

Clarke is joined in the list of Top 99 Most Desirable Women in the world by Oona Chaplin and Rose Leslie.
The Top Five also includes two women you've actually heard of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence,
but they’re both edged out by Alison Brie and Emily Ratajkowski.

Who are these women?
How can men vote for women they've never heard of?
Are they hotter than, say, Melba Mercovich?

Maybe they thought it would be dull if we'd heard of the nominated women.

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Subject: Marton and the GOP  (last issue)

Bart, I agree with Marton. By giving the GOP the time to attack literally everything,
there's nothing Obama can do now that won't look reasonable.  It may have looked
stupid in the moment, but he'll look like a genius if he does this right.

Allowing them time to hang themselves might actually be Obama's greatest legacy. 
He gave them enough rope and they were more than happy to use it.
This could set up the Democrats a winning strategy for years, if only they figure out
how to capitalize on it. I wish they knew how to do that...
 Jesse G

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Sirius XM

We could've cured cancer with all that money, but noooooooooo.

Tom Sizemore: Clinton and Liz Hurley?
You won't believe these alleged quotes


Actor Tom Sizemore says Bill Clinton asked him if he had dated Elizabeth Hurley, and Sizemore
said he had. Clinton asked for the actress' number, and Sizemore resisted until the president said,
"Give it to me. You dumb motherfucker, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.
The buck stops here. Give me the damn number." Sizemore gave him the number and Clinton called Hurley.

"Listen Elizabeth, this is the President,” Clinton allegedly said. "‘I don’t have any time for this shit.
I‘m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up."
Hurley acquiesced, and the two consummated their fledgling romance.

Um, none of this sounds true. Clinton's gift was always sweet-talking, not threats.
Can you imagine Clinton calling Sizemore a dumb motherfucker?
That sounds like how Tom Sizemore picks up women than it does Bill Clinton.

Hillary was mentioned; she was allegedly in the "next room" as Bill Clinton had sex with Hurley.
Thick walls in the White House, I guess..

Yeah, I believe everything Tom Sizemore (R-junkie) says...


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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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This is why we're going to win in 2016.

Subject: rain

Bart, I've worked outside in the rain most of my life and relish the sweet smell of rain.
Today the rain has a definite chemical smell. Like urea fertilizer with a tinge of something dead nearby.
The conspiracy theory is that "those" in global power know that if the tundra thaws out, enough methane
will be released to cause mass extinction. Imagine un-breathable air and 140 F. temps.
 Geoengineered Snowstorms
 Michael H

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No Clemency for Edward Snowden
Here are the three main reasons why


1. It sets a bad precedent. Snowden is one of four million people who have top-secret clearance.
If they give Snowden a pass, it says that if you don’t like your job, leak American secrets to the media
and we’ll let you off the hook.

2. The Snowden revelations are no longer shocking. His ongoing trickle of secrets amounts to a whimper.
HIs latest leaks - that the NSA is collecting metadata on American cell phone calls - is hardly a surprise.
Minus an absolute bombshell from Snowden, the worst of the damage he caused is already done.

3. Snowden peddled American secrets in exchange for asylum. It’s one thing to be a whistleblower;
it’s another to offer American secrets to a rival in exchange for safety. That makes Snowden no different
than other spies who have left the United States and then gave information to a rival.  It's no accident that
Snowden has ended up in Russia, a police state far worse than here. Let him stay there.

Submitting to blackmail always ends badly.

America should not make deals with terrorists or traitors.


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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Subject: RE: Pot Car Crashes Triple

I've noticed a HUGE uptick in negative pot stories recently, too.
It just proves that big media long ago stopped being a 'free press'
and a free press is an essential to an actual democracy.

If it weren't for some independent voices out there, such as yours, we'd be well and truly screwed.
 Sel in Jax

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, I've had that photo on my desktop wallpaper before.  It's my adopted home city,
home of the Seahawks and other sports teams, a town where walking down the street
smoking a jay will at worst get you a citation and a wag of the finger, where the air and
water are relatively clean, where hydroelectricity is almost too cheap to meter, where it
may rain some but you don't have to shovel it, and where I hope to live to a ripe old age. 

Come visit us some time, maybe during Hempfest next August. 
 Best regards,
Jeff in Seattle

Washington starts selling rec pot in June

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s a 1970 Boss Barracuda AAR. Equipped with purpose-built 340 cube V8
topped with three 2-barrel carburetors, heavy duty suspension and brakes, side pipe
exhaust, a unique ram air hood…so much engine it’s bulged the hood on this one.
David G.      
Atlanta, GA
PS: I’m not the David G that was whining last issue about killing terrorists.

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that "friendly kid" looks like Lee Harvey Oswald to me.
What a schnoz!

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Subject: donations

Been a few months - thanks for the entertainment
 Dave in Mexico

Dave, thanks for that.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!"
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