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Subject: GOP Reprises 1976 Strategy, with McCain as Ford, Obama as Carter


I disagree with the letter-writers in your June 19-20 edition who suggested the GOP might "off" McCain
before the election in hopes of securing a true third term, a la Guiliani, for Bush. Not that I think the Repugs
are above that, I just think they have other plans. And as usual, those plans will be carried out by the 
sycophantic corporate media.

I don't think it was meant to be a joke when McCain said Obama is running for Carter's second term
in office, in response to Obama's charge that McCain is running for Bush's third.  Remember, Carter was 
the long-shot candidate who became the darling of the corporate media, and consequently, the president.  
With little to offer and tainted by having been Nixon's VP, Ford didn't have much of a chance.

That same media turned against Carter when he ran for a second term (the "Time" magazine cover 
"Jimmy Who?" sounded the death knell), destroying any chance of re-election.  Carter became the 
sorbet between courses. His purpose was to cleanse the palate of that awful taste of Nixon. 
The corporate media had done its job.

As in '76, the Republicans want out of the spotlight, the one that shines its light on their myriad misdeeds. 
They're banking that four years of Obama trying to fix what the Repugs have wrought will make him 
appear to be a "do-nothing" president, and worse, since the full effects of the mortgage crisis - among 
many, many other crises - has yet to be felt.

My hope is that Obama is savvy enough once elected not to allow the corporate media to run the show, 
to determine the discourse. And I hope the public will be smart enough four years from now not to elect 
another Bush in Reagan's clothing!

~Deb S.

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