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Subject: 9-11 conspiracy talk
Dear Bart:
Randi’s site clearly has an agenda, and it is not a search for truth. 
Clearly it took him a lot of time and effort to put together such a highly selective and
prejudiced collection of articles.  I’d like to know more about Randi and his sources of income.

I notice that he fails to explain how a passenger jet can fly thru steel and cement with
no loss of momentum.  I also noticed a lot of straw man arguments.

If people would like to see where the evidence actually leads, rather than selected evidence
tailored to Randi’s foregone conclusions, I recommend the work of Dr. Judy Wood. 
The towers did not collapse, they turned to dust and blew away.  She has a new book
called “Where did the Towers go?” 

This is a completely scientific look at  what happened at Ground Zero based on reliable
photographic evidence that has been widely ignored by the whore media, and other scientific calculations. 
You can order it here:

For some reviews of this book, go here:

For a short promotional trailer, go here:

Most of her scientific studies of 9-11 are also available at her website, here:

I do hope you will publish this note with these links.
Why let Randi or anyone tell you what to think when you can see the proof with your own eyes. 
As with the JFK assassination, there are lots of people involved in disinformation. 
Look at all the evidence and think for yourself.  I bet Randi won’t tell you that.

Warm regards,
 Jim W

I haven't read Randi's 9-11 stuff, but he's known to put up a million dollars
and say, "I'll give you this million dollars if you can prove your point."

Maybe he can make you a wealthy man?



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