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AZ Cardinals team up with Cancer
They want the dying to suffer MORE


The Cardinals are throwing their political weight (and cash) behind an initiative to prevent chronically-ill
or severe-pain patients from buying marijuana from state-licensed clinics with a doctor's approval (the horror!).

The Cardinals donated $10,000 to the anti-medical-marijuana group Keep AZ Drug Free today, joining the
likes of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R-Pervert) and candidate for Maricopa County Attorney
Bill Montgomery in the war against prescription pot.

The group is against Proposition 203, which would legalize marijuana for medical use in Arizona.
It should be noted that Cardinals President Michael Bidwill is on the group's steering committee.

Bidwell, apparently, is no fan of allowing people suffering from pain to use marijuana. We're curious what safe
remedies the Cardinals' team doctor prescribes players when they blow out a knee. We have a feeling it's a little
stronger than, say, a few aspirin, and probably a little more addictive than a bong hit.

We're not sure why Bidwell and Keep AZ Drug Free think Prop 203 is so horrible. They didn't return our call
this afternoon, and aside from a blog that basically just links to articles written in the media, nothing on their
Web site provides information about why they think the proposition is so awful. It basically only says -- in a
South-Park-sort-of-way -- "weed is bad...mmm 'Kay?"

So, this rich bastard put up $10,000 to keep pain-killing drugs from the dying?

But, of course, if Bidwell's daughter needed pot to keep her food down,
this same asshole would move mountains to do whatever it took to save her.

Why kind of dick donates money to stop the flow of medicine to the sick?

I guess they want those Mexican drug cartels to make more profits?


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