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AZ loses more business 
Give in now or half a billion dollars later


Arizona took another hit Wednesday as Republicans voted to shun them.   The Party of Hate cast
a vote for the home of their 2012 convention. Phoenix made the short list but lost out to Tampa.

It was little surprise to tourism officials in Arizona. Since the state passed their anti-darkie law three weeks ago, 
its meeting and events business has fallen drastically.

Hispanic civil rights groups are boycotting Arizona and urging others to do the same. Officials at the National 
Council of La Raza, one of the groups driving the boycott, had privately asked the RNC not to meet in Phoenix.

The city is losing millions in hotel and convention business because of the controversy.  The state's hotel and lodging 
association has counted 23 canceled meetings for a loss of between $6 and $10 million. On Wednesday, Los Angeles 
became the largest city to join the boycott.

Choosing Phoenix would have also been controversial within Republican ranks. Florida handjob Marco Rubio, 
thge Teabagging sensation, has said that the law puts the Arizona's police force in an 'incredibly difficult position.'"

IF Arizona has good reasons for descrimination against darkies, they've done a Democratic-job of explaining it.

I don't know enough about it to have a strong opinion, but if EVERYBODY is calling you racist,
that's something you need to address if you're in the popularity buiness, which is what tourism is.

Major League Baseball is talking about relocating the All Star game to punish the racist state.
Did you know baseball is about 1/4 super-rich darkies?

And with Latinos being the fastest-growing segment of the population,
there's a problem for the GOP being labled "Latino haters."

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