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Local businesses already feeling financial fallout of 
"You look like a spic to me" law


Since Arizona's controversial immigration bill was signed many around the nation have called for boycotts on the state.
Civil rights organizations banned together at the state capitol Friday to announce the launch of the website Not up yet

Some local businesses are already feeling the financial fallout. 
The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association say 19 meeting have been cancelled because of Senate Bill 1070.
These groups represent an economic impact of $6 million to the state.

Ben Bethel says, “It's been a very quick swift action like I've never seen before.”
He is the owner of the Clarendon Hotel and says business has slowed since Senate Bill 1070 was signed.

Bethel explains, “We've had three groups cancel. As of today we've been receiving some angry telephone calls, emails and faxes.
One fax reads “Boycott Arizona. Don't buy, vacation or do business in Arizona.” The fax even encourages 
residents to buy only what you need and “help stop racist people from having their way."

Yes, people can vote with their wallets.
They hardly every do - maybe this will help get the word out.

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