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Armed Right-Wing Activists Accuse Obama Of Tyranny
 And they did it on the 15th annversary of OKC, telegraphing that more is to come?


Today in Fort Hunt, and later in Gravelly Point, two parks along the Potomac River in Virginia, right-wing activists 
gathered with loaded pistols and unloaded rifles to protest Obama's "tyranny".   Today also marks the 15th anniversary 
of the Oklahoma City bombing, but attendees told ThinkProgress that April 19th is significant for several reasons. 

One attendee likened his movement to the Jews who rose up in the Warsaw ghetto against Nazi soldiers, which began 
on April 19th, while some said they were like the revolutionaries who fought in the battle of Lexington and Concord. 
Others, echoing Timothy McVeigh and Rush Limbaugh, say April 19th marks the siege of the Branch Davidian ranch in Waco.

Only about 50 attendees showed up to the rally. A man who identified himself as "Mark" from Arkansas said many people 
wanted to attend, but did not have enough vacation time or money to make the trip. Mark said he read about some European 
countries which provide for more vacation time, and although he opposes the government, said he wishes it would do more 
to increase wages and paid leave for workers. In any case, there were as many reporters as attendees at the event.

What an idiot - he wishes America was more like Europe?
That's what half of them are complaining about.

These crazy handjobs have no idea what they want
but they want it right f-ing now or there's going to be violence.

If Obama is guilty of "tyranny," why can't they say what his crimes are?

Was saving GM an act of tyranny?
Was keeping the banks from failing an act of tyranny?

Do douchebaggers know who was driving the boat when we hit the iceberg?
If you listen to talk radio or FOX, they'll tell you Senator Obama was president in October of 2008.

And if this is about money, why aren't they ranting about the almost 
one trillion dollars that Bush wasted getting our soldiers killed in Iraq?

Or did Senator Obama also invade Iraq in 2003?

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