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American Idol Recap by Sally P

Parents Night (I actually enjoyed most of the parents more than their kids.
Caseys seemed especially cool and Jacob's Mom was cute.)
"Sing The Song Of Your Birth"       
(Okay, year of your birth)
And, here we go:
1) Naima Adedapo - 1985 - "What's Love Got To Do With It," Tina Turner.
OMG, your parents look like cute African Hippies! That being said, the bawling over
missing your kids was over the top here. If you miss them so much, what are you doing here?
Naima sang like she was trying to prove the people right who said she couldn't sing. And, she
had just a terrible arrangement to boot. Not to worry about the kids, gf, you'll be leaving pretty soon...
R- likes her, but notes that she under the pitch. (Randy's pretending he is the big shot now that he gets to sit in Simon's chair.)
J- pitchy. (Hate that term - too overused!)
S- "You've got a sorcerer's grasp of melody." Groan...
2) Paul McDonald - 1984 - "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," Elton John.
About halfway through, Paul clearly gave up and lost all sense of rhythm - like karaoke at 3 AM,
desperate to cling to the last vestige of sobriety. By the time it's finally over, I am left wondering,
did Paul, ever cough up that hair ball? As for the song choice, "There's nothing like the real thing baby..."
J - liked...
R - pitchy, but makes it his own.
S - goes off on notes, but likes his swagger.
3) Thia Megia - 1995 -"Colors Of The Wind," Vanessa Williams.
Has a nice tone to her voice, soft and true. And, I think she's pitch on!  I think Thia chose the right song.
She sang it beautifully and it was the right choice for a 16 year old. However, that dress was NOT the right choice.
Too sleazy for a teen. The problem with her, as I see it, is that she's so completely disconnected from what she's singing.
R - vocals 'OK' too many ballets each week, and boring.
S - mumble, mumble.
J - work on her vibrato?
4) James Durbin - 1989 - "I'll Be There For You," Bon Jovi.
Great scream note somewhere in there... James continues to be the only person who can successfully
execute the end-of-song split jump, and to honor that, the stage managers allowed him some significant
pimp lighting and pyrotechnics!
S - did yourself proud. (Steven committed to singing with James at end, if he's still there.)
J -loved.
R - couple of pitch spots, but made it his own. (Starting to hate that phrase too.)
5) Haley Reinhart - 1990  - “I'm Your Baby Tonight,” Whitney Houston.
Oh my, her parents are in a band. Good, something to fall back on...
Let's see, her breath control stinks, her voice is a bit overrated, and the fake-soul is generally unconvincing.
Occasionally, enunciation won't kill you either, gf. Lastly, she's a little charisma-challenged as well. Other than that...
I do think Randy's showing his distain for her with his, "Who are you as an artist?" You know?
J - character in voice, but tense in your body.
R - confused, she's styling too many artists.
S - sweet and tough like Janice Joplin.
6) Stefano Langone - 1989 - "If You don't Know Me By Now," Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes.
Can he even sing without making those horrible faces? He looks like he is in some serious pain every
time he sings. I still can't figure out exactly what there is about this guy that irritates me so much.
Oh, and he's too much a white boy to bring Teddy back IMHO!
Stefano, there's a Las Vegas Lounge calling your name. Good luck with that.
R - best performance of the night - highest degree of difficulty, slayed it.
S - perfect phrasing.
J - needs to connect with the eye...
7) Pia Toscano -1988 - "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," Whitney Houston.
That song is just dull and lifeless - Pia can sing all the diva songs in the world but she is not interesting.
And, I'll say it again, she has a very strong voice, but she gets too shrill on the power notes.
Careful, gf, your vocal strength was very nearly overpowered by your billowing white silk jumpsuit....
S - "You are why this show is called AI." Loved it.
J - loved, blah, blah.
R -top position to win it...
(Think they are pulling a bit for the diva here?)
8) Scotty McCreery - 1993 - "Can I Trust You With My Heart," Travis Tritt.
This guy is all C&W, and will be at the top of those charts very soon! Audience loves him,
great stage presence. He is so good...    That being said, however, Scotty needs a cowboy hat!
J - growing - right there.
R - did Travis proud. Stands tall in country lane. believes in him.
S - you've got it.
9)  Karen Rodriguez - 1989 - "Love Will Lead You Tonight," Taylor Dayne/Mariah Carey
No comment necessary - you know...
R - started off pitch.
S - admired Karen's habit of breaking into her "ethnic what-is-it-ness." (Indeed, Mr. Wizard. ¿Qué es ethnic?)
J - looked scared but attacked it - play to your strength.
10) Casey Abrams - 1991 - "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana/Kurt Cobaine.
Casey struck me as a standup comedian mimicking Nirvana.  Unfortunately, he did exactly what he
did last week, and just raised the volume. It was screaming, shouting, and yelling, not making much sense.
 Gosh, are his parents darling, old White hippies, or what?
S - crazy and talented.
J - wanted more of something, doesn't know what - thinks he's sexy.
R - loves that he takes risks.
11) Lauren Alaina - 1994 - "I'm The Only One," Melissa Etheridge.
I can see Lauren making it in C&W as well - she has the blond bimboish look, and can belt out
the tune, too. At only 16 years old, Lauren Alaina appears to have already out-aged her extremely
pink Mom-ager. I am wondering if we sifted through's - if we'd find Mother Alaina there?
J - very nice, country flavor.
R - very nice.
S - beautiful, loved, she's back...
12) Jacob Lusk - 1987 - "Alone" by Heart. (Pimp spot.) Man, anyone remember when RuPaul sang
the hell outta that Heart song?   I want to maintain my high hopes for Jacob because he's sweet and
cute and super mega dramatic, but he's just not delivering musically for me. Like Casey, better in
concept than in execution, and like Pia, went straight to Hell on the highest of the high notes.
R - loved
S - ditto
J 'felt' it!
Well, Wednesday was a celebration of mediocrity at its finest for me. American Idol MUST step it up
or they will lose their top spot!   The thing that's bugging me the most this season is the judges.
Steven, as a judge, is useless. He's the new Paula. Just loves everyone. JLo does give good constructive
advice sometimes, but she just is too nice to tell it like it is. Randy is trying, but seems a little put off
by the others. Boy, do I miss Simon!  But, the producers decided to donate a portion of this week's
iTunes sales to the American Red Cross and their relief efforts in Japan.
That's a good thing!
Read me next time,



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