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Sally's American Idol recap

Serious Star Power Tonight!
All the greats of Rock 'n Roll!
Many songs from the Architects of Rock and Roll!

Jimmy Iovine mentor* coach*
Gwen Stefani wardrobe*

T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L !

1) Jacob Lusk, "Man In the Mirror," Michael Jackson and Siedah Garrett.  Jacob is positively glowing in his
white jumpsuit (that outfit wasn't doing him any favors though), singing with a Niama look-alike - who turned
out to be Siedah Garrett herself, as the major backup singer - and further back onstage, some Paulettes.
I can't help but liking Jacob, I just don't like that which he sings...

S beautiful!
J you make everyone know that if you stick to it, you can do it.
R you changed your selected song because 'it's you.'
*At first glance, Jacob sort of looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy to me. All he needed was the chef's hat...   ha ha
2) Haley Reinhart, "Piece Of My Heart," Janis Joplin.
She had better not screw up Janis! Oh, and there is Siedah Garrett doing some backup for her too!
Pretty damn good for second out of the box. Uh oh, she was smiling - Janis would not be pleased.
Even so, I will vote for her tonight.

J you are showing everyone that you're a contender.
R you showed everyone who you are.
S couldn't find 'nothin' wrong' with that. You rocked my world.

*Steve also tells us, Janice gave the voice to dirty rock, BTW.
3) Casey Abrams, "Have You Ever Seen The Rain," Creedence Clearwater.
Horrible elevator music arrangement of a song that should be fat, dirty and bluesy, and it showcased
his thin voice. Playing the bass, Casey, does not equal Showmanship being used creativity, to make up
for a wafer-thin amount of vocal talent! No, this is Casey, playing it safe. His tone of voice and facial
movements are cheese-tastic. I hope nobody in the audience is lactose intolerant...

R 3 yo's and small compliment about the performance. Randy thinks you are making the upright base cool, and that you are revolutionary.
S every time you sing you make it different for him.
J that is where you belong on stage with your base.

*Ryan HAS to bring up the MOA saves again...
4) Lauren Alaina, "Natural Woman," Aretha Franklin.
Lauren and the bimboett's - she is no Aretha! I'm right away not buying this from a 16 year old 
(even if she looks 50). It was nicely sung, but just didn't have any. 'oomph' behind it at all.
Wearing romper shorts and black leggings didn't do her plump little self any favors, either.

Her outfit makes her butt look huge-age - shame on you Gwen!
S I love you. You came in as a little girl and now you are a 'natural woman.'
J amazing.
R you took a difficult song and did a 'good' job.

*Steven, stop being the dirty old man, okay?
5) James Durbin, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," George Harrison.
Love this song, come on James, do it! Okay, his ears are a real turn off for me here. Bopping around the stage,
you don't notice it as much, but sitting there on stage, he looked a bit like Dumbo tonight, you know? 
End scream was good, the rest not so good for me tonight.

J nice to see that other side of you. This side makes the other side work.
R I really loved seeing your emotional side, you know, emotionally connecting with the song. You have to take chances to be a genuine artist.
S your guitar gently weeps, and so did you.

*Could have done WO the violins - he needed a sitar for this piece.
6) Scotty McCreery, "That's All Right, Mama," Elvis Presley.
He had such a good voice. Giving some audience action - loved it!  Screaming girls at end, just like Elvis, hahaha
I like that he stretched a little, and used the stage to move around. One suggestion though, Scotty needs to go to
 microphone holding class or two, ya know?

R Scotty is in it to win it! Amazing!! Revolutionary dude!
S I thought you were, 'All Hat; No Cattle,' but you upped your game, and you did it well!
J you did it well, and you are funny. Loved it!

*He got my vote too!
7) Pia Toscano, "River Deep Mountain High," Tina Turner.
She sang well enough - too bad I detest her so much. Oh, and her backup singers overpowered her at times.
Dressed for human sacrifice,
ha ha  she is Dewyzed big time after falling well short of Tina Turner tonight.
Pia leaves me devoid of any praise with her pageantry Barbie doll stiffness. You just know that she really
just wants to stand onstage, in an evening gown, and Celine it up - which makes it all look like a carefully
orchestrated EFFORT to perform. She is the most boring contestant left, except for Stefano, of course.
Good crowd action though...

S million guys, something, something...
J knew you had it in you.
R work on your actions, but you are definitely in it to win it.

*I did love it, when Pia hit the bridge of the song, ("I love you, baby, like a flower loves the spring"),
she sang one line to Steven, and she sang one line to Jennifer, then she moved on to the audience,
skipping Randy entirely. Wonder what that was all about?
8) Stefano Langone, "When A Man Loves His Mom..." Oh, I'm sorry, "A Woman,"
ha ha  Percy Sledge.
I spent most of his performance wondering how Percy Sledge managed to get into the, "Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame" on the strength of one hit song, but I digress.

Sitting on the stage, sounding a lot better tonight. *insert eye roll* I thought to myself, "Pia and Stefano
are in a dead heat to see who can be the most boring, here tonight." This guy is just so boring he isn't
even good snark material, anymore.

J knew you had it in you.
R jerky at first (crowd boos) but 'okay' by the end.
S likes the 'old' sound. He thinks you have a real range.

*I also noted that JLo says beautiful twice, and then cuts of Randy once he doesn't agree with her. I didn't like that...
9)  Pimp Spot: Paul McDonald, "Folsom Prison," Johnny Cash. (What's that noise? OMG, Johnny Cash is
turning over in his grave!)   Well, for starters, Paul managed to ruin a classic with his off key helium-infused vocals.
In fact, MarbleMouthPaul sounded like ass. I didn't think Paul would be like Cash. I just didn't think he'd
grin and jump around like an emotionally disconnected sociopath who'd killed someone while high on ecstasy.
His performance came off like a Charles Manson cover. At least you know you've got the Chino Women's Prison votes, man!

R loved it.
S you really rocked it.
J good job.

*Producers/mentors/coach, would you please tell him to wipe off the wild, smirky expression off his face
 - and send him the Devil home!
I do know I now hate the judges. They are sooooo pandering to the contestants, and you can tell who is
the fav by the way they give Pia feedback; apparently, they see a real $$future for her.
These judges are worthless - it's nothing more than 3-little-Paula's without the pain killers.
Every performance cannot be "beautiful" or "the best performance of the night."

It also should be said, that there was not one bit of advice that gave the contestants that was
worth a damn. Not one. This is the third week in the past month that has been on this show.
Does he have something on the producers?

I suspect that Idol is hitting the stretch run in it's career, and that once X-Factor takes off in the fall,
Idol will be shoved out of the way like one of the Supreme's in the middle of a reunion show.
Read me next time,

Apparently Gwen Stefani dressed the girls and she did a super-horrible job.
Lauren looked like she was wearing an adult diaper and Pia's outfit was a disaster.

Does Gwen Stefani know anything about fashion?

The last time I saw her perform live (on TV), she was bald with pigtails, wearing a
wife-beater shirt and she was doing pushups onstage - can anything be sexier than that image?


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