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Sally's American Idol recap

Songs of the Cinema on American Idol
Jimmy Iovine mentor*
Will.I.Am coach*
Here we go:
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L !
1) Paul McDonald, "Old Time rock 'n Roll," Bob Seger - from the movie, 'Risky Business.'
OMG he looks even more freaky than usual, dressed in an old Elton John cast off, and playing
his tambourine with the blond bimbo, the sax player, he made an ass of himself... 

Paul answered an age-old question: What would it sound like if a drunk and sick Rod Stewart
sang a Bob Seger song at a karaoke bar?   Why in the name of all that's unholy is he still here?
I still get the feeling that it's Dana Carvey doing a 'sketch' on SNL as a quirky/horrible singer
that can't much sing or dance ... and is named Paul.
S loves your crazy wild abandon.
J every time you come out you let go a little more.
R first number at a Paul McDonald concert.

Paul's suits are breeding and making suit babies. This must stop.

2) Lauren Alaina, "The Climb," Miley Cyrus - from the film, 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.'
Iovine: "Lauren, you miss Pia - you cried when she left. So now go take her votes."  
LOL!  Miley just threw her bong through her TV screen.
Another diaper/PJ/unflattering outfit at rehearsal, followed by a black ballet skirt with cowboy boots
for the performance.  I can almost hear her Mom whispering from the wings, "Smile for the camera, dear.
Stand up straight.
Good, good."
Basically she looked like she should have been on Toddlers & Tiaras instead of Idol.   ha ha
Fashion Police needed here...

Oh, and for her performance, it’s a MILEY CYRUS SONG.
Not a great piece of musical accomplishment here - meh...

J loved hearing you sing that, blah, blah, blah.
R yo! The Lauren we saw the first time in Nashville, is back. Amazing...
S love what you bring to a song, and what a song brings to you. He's moved to tears...
*Is this girl actually gaining weight each week, or is the terrible outfits chosen for her?
3) Stefano Langone, "End of the Road," Boyz ll Men - from the movie, 'Boomerang.'
Jimmy and Will think he is going to win this season.

First of all, Stefano sounded weak-voiced to me, and despite all the contorted faces, he's just as boring as usual.
Stefano’s goal was to start fresh this week and try to justify being here instead of Pia.
"End of the Road" is a really unfortunate song title, for you, Stefano. I'm just saying...
R slayed the song. Best performance to date.
S not the end of the road for you.    
J you got it, you now know the key.
*These judges and mentors are SO full of crap... I'm just going to call him, "LongGONE" after this.
4) Scotty McCreery, "Cross My Heart," George Straight - from the movie, 'Pure Country.'
While I don't care for his selection, he is so good, it doesn't matter to me. That being said,
what is that wire doing coming out of his ear? Sign in the audience reads, "Grandma's For Scotty!" Nuff said!
S good.
J wow, really good.
R yo, stay in your roots. A star is born on this stage tonight.
*Oh yeah, he is great!
5) Casey Abrams, "Nature Boy," Nat King Cole - from the film, "Moulin Rouge!"
Same wire in his ear, Hummmmm?
Did he clear his throat in the middle of the song?  

<>I really hate that fake jazzy stuff, and he gave us 100% of it tonight. Oh, and he was not on pitch
 - was flat as hell when he wasn't doing those weird grunts. He hit some seriously bum notes, and I
just can't look at him anymore. (One thing that would have improved his appearance is some
teeth-whitening strips, I might add.)

S 'encore!'
J flattery, flattery, music touches people. Hopes America got it.
R real true artist. Brilliant! Proud to judge you...

Casey is the NEW Michael Buble, y'all. *(Only not.)
S you are an artist in the truest sense of the word...

Casey tells Ryan he feels like he’s going to cry. He wants people like Esperanza Spalding
to see this. He wants to play and educate people.
* It's about being an Idol, not an artist, meathead!
6) Haley Reinhart, "Call Me," Blondie - from the film, "American Gigolo."
This girl is growing on me. Looks less trampy than in the beginning, more hot than anything else.
Good song choice, and rendition - love the dress!
R didn't love the start, very karaoke. He doesn't think it's a "singer song." Did not a showcase for your voice.
S agrees with Randy, just loves outfit and chorus.
J loves it when you start wailing at end. You've had two past performances, she hopes "America" votes on that basis...

*Guess you need to tone down the sexy stuff, if you really want to stop pervy, 63 year old,
Tyler saying things like 'I'm gonna look up your (ad)dress.' Oink, oink...

7) Jacob Lusk, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," Simon & Garfunkel - from the movie - "The Pursuit of Happiness."
Will.I.Am thinks he's, 'corny.'
Iovine blathers something, something, and Jacob looked like he was going to cry...
I feel bad for Jacob. He seems so beat down, and then Iovine and Will dump on him. I suspect they want him gone.
S you put a lot of 'you' into the song. Phenomenal. God bless you.
J thinks you are a gifted vocalist. You come from another place. She had chills.
R I believe you when you sing. It comes out special. Great job.
*I concur. He has a good future in the Gospel/Christian market for sure.  
8) James Durbin, "Heavy Metal," Sammy Hagar - from the movie of the same name.
James is rockin' it tonight! He's screeching, shouting, has flashing lights, doing backbends, and lots of tech's.
James is the best entertainer by a million miles away from all the other ones here.  Zakk Wylde (on stage with him)
just ramped up the coolness factor to 11. Great crowd response. He's bringing down the house!
The judges are standing and applauding him... That's a good sign.
J sounded real! You killed it!  "Who would have ever expected THAT INSANE FORBIDDEN CRAZINESS on the Idol stage?"
R my God!  Zakk Wylde on base guitar - he played with Ozzie Osbourne! (He said more, I couldn't catch it over the roar of the crowd...)
S nice lip to Jimmy!
Ryan asked Zakk what he thought about James, and he said, "He (James) sang his ass off!"
*Yes, good lip from you James!
More talk from Ryan about Pia going home... Thanks for reminding us. *eye roll*
JLo AKA the 'Most Beautiful Woman In The World' takes pimping to new heights! Unbelievable.
Guess the Judges have decided to put Haley out to pasture this week instead of getting rid of dead-weights, Casey or Stefano!
I don't believe Haley was so dramatically worse than anyone else to be the only one who gets criticized.
In fact, given the way the judges slobbered over everyone else, the criticism of Haley just seem totally premeditated.
The judge's , 'love fest' over every performance is not just annoying, it has gotten boring.
Someone needs to let out their inner Simon, and real soon!
Will.I.Am and Iovine can both leave any time as far as I'm concerned. As for Mr I.Am,
is he in some sort of work-release program that Fox put him on as punishment for that
Super Bowl half-time show, or what?  Want to go home: Will.I.Am

And, while I'm at it, Jimmy Iovine is what's wrong with the music industry today. There is no imagination
in music anymore, just packaging. It's all about whoring yourself out with either outrageous costumes/behavior
(Gaga/Stephani) and being 'edgy' with offensive lyrics. As for the, 'Good Wholesome Market,' it all depends on
your image/beauty/innocuousness, and not much at all to do with your voice or musicianship

You have to have a 'hook' because without it nobody would ever pay attention.
They certainly wouldn't like the song just because it's GOOD MUSIC.
Sorry for the Rant here...
Read me next time,
Sally P

Note: Will.I.Am is on FOX constantly because he's in that Fox-produced movie "Rio."


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