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Sally's American Idol recap

"Songs from the 21st Century"

The show opens up with a gaggle of past LOSERS, The "Sent Home Six!"

Aren't they supposed to be OUT?
As in voted OFF?

Okay, even though Naima did a fierce jump kick at the end of their number, who else cringed when Paul
came in singing the wrong lyrics in the wrong key, wearing his hideous suit that got him voted OFF last week??
(Ryan asks the judges if they miss this group, and Randy actually shouts "NO!" before he realizes what he's saying. Heh!)

But OTOH, at least it reminded viewers that there were women on this show!

(NOTE: I've seen more of Paul and Pia this week - whoring out to every talk show they can - than when they were on the show...)
Did I see Mark Ballas in the audience? Is he there for Pia?? (FYI, next week, on DWTS, he will dance while Pia sings.)

Wonder if, "Twilight" star Nikki Reed is there for her LOSER (alleged BF) Paul McDonald??
Ooh, there is the cast of Glee filling up the audience! Love them!
Steven's grown up daughter is here as well...
(Must be a good story there...)

Okay, enough gossip.
Here we go:
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
1) Scotty McCreery, "Swingin'," LeAnn Rimes.
He is just plain cute, and C&W all the way. Actually, he was cheesetastic, in the best sense of the word!
If you just listen to Scotty, you forget he is only 17, his voice is so rich and mature sounding. I'll bet
big money that he is going to make the big bucks in the future. I like him, and don't care who knows it either!
S loves Scotty and LeAnn. But, he wants you to, 'Boot Scoot' more.
J wants you to pull out your big guns. Loves your storytelling style, but wants, 'more!'
R thinks Jennifer is correct. You were too safe, and he, too, wants better choices from you.
* guess they've decided to throw Scotty under the bus tonight...
2) James Durbin, "Uprising," Muse.
James singing an anti-establishment anthem slays it again!
Great entrance, 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' drum corps!James' voice sounded
really good tonight - great screeches, but I love screeches, even Jennifer's as she yells, "Play it out!"
to the boys in the band... :)
J amazing, several times...
R more 'Amazing's" and he has to mention he knows group members in, "Muse." "Probably best of the evening!"
S stay out of my closet... "Mad Max meets Storm troops." Crazy good! Beautifully out of your mind.
* love, love James, but I question Randy saying, 'probably best of the evening' before the other's perform, you know?
3) Haley Reinhart, "Rolling in the Deep," Adele.
Sitting on chair in red dress, you can't help but notice what an attractive woman is she.
I did have a hard time hearing her against the backup singers though. That being said, not only
was she perfectly in tune, but the choices she made with the phrasing displayed true musicality.
She comes out fighting every week, and deserves to stay a while longer!

R perfect song for you.
S started slow, but you brought it up beautifully.
J it takes guts to take on an 'Adele' song. At 'moments' you did it, 'as well.'
*catty review Jennifer, does she threaten you or what??
4) Jacob Lusk, "Dance With My Father," Luther Vandross.
By now, Jacob may be so demoralized by Iovine and his bad advice, that he may not care what
America thinks of him anymore. That being said, nothing about Jacob is fresh contemporary, hip, or cool.
If we didn't already know that before, the poor guy certainly proved it tonight. But then, it is what it is...
S so good, reminds me of why I love music.
J you perfected that song.
R you don't 'hold back,' but it didn't make me 'jump up and down...' 
He needs you to, "go off the roof, go off the top."
*I think Randy is ready for you to just go home...
5) Casey Abrams, "Harder To Breathe," Maroon 5.
Casey's doing still another semi-aggressive angry song while using his guitar tonight. Lots of background tech,
and zombie-like musicians accompanying him. There he goes, 'Scatting,' which I detest as much as I do him...
What, in bloody hell, was the kiss thing with Jennifer all about? I just don't get Casey. Everything about him is
so loathsome. He's a terrible singer (when he doesn't have all of his bells and whistles and it's just his voice - meh),
and he makes the creepiest angry faces I've ever seen. He was pacing that stage like a possessed serial killer.
I swear he was two seconds away from eating J.Lo's face tonight...
J you have soft lips. Loved it, great performance.
R what he loves about you is; "it's surprise, surprise, surprise." You continue to take chances.
S millions of people in America now are angry with you, blank, blank, blank. We, the home audience will
never know his spellbinding  words about this, however, as whatever he said, was beeped out, least our
fragile ears hear the obvious 'F' word being tossed into his thoughts...

*the sound on my TV must be messed up, because I am not hearing the same fantastic sounds that the
judges are - after listening to the judges fall over themselves thanking Casey for, "Changing the course of the show."
I want to know what these guys are smoking, and where can we get some...  ha ha
6) Stefano Langone, "Closer," Neal.
Stefano is singing a song that apparently has one line. One line repeated endlessly. But, he actually moved
around the stage tonight! Stefano's dramatic Chippendale turn at the beginning of his song - awesomely cheesy.
The smell of his  desperation was wafting through my screen tonight, and, while it was really, unpleasant
- he's still better than Casey!

StefaaahhaAaaahaanoOhOooohOh is going home!
(And I'm almost sorry...)
R "me 'n Jennifer" thought you worked it out.
S good job.
J speaking for, "me and all the girls in the audience," you did a really good job...
*Jesus wept, to think that millions of kids are listening to these 3 judges rape the
English language is just too much for me tonight...
7) Lauren Alaina, "Born To Fly," Sara Evans. *Pimp Spot*
I have yet to blown away by this supposedly amazing voice. More echo-effects on her vocals, and more
overpowering back-up singers. Lauren is just missing some critical component like maturity or confidence
(or being remotely interesting).

S so good naturally. He loves your swagger. "Please sing some Shania Twain for me, okay?"
(Steven, she already did Shania Twain and it didn't work out so well. Remember? Oh yeah, never mind.... )

J you have a special voice. Lots of, 'color' in your voice.
R yo! When we first saw you (Auditions) you were singing with Steven, you need to regain that - you don't know how good you are.
*yeah, I can see her in Nashville. She has that country girl, Lauren Faye Baker, 'loose' look about her...
Some false eyelashes and, Un huh, sing it baby - till the mascara runs down your face...
No tonight! Bet you didn't even miss him, huh??
Did catch a glimpse of, 'Rock Mafia," but FYI, Mafia, the world does not need another Miley Cyrus
...even if this one is younger and chubbier...
I've had issue with a lot of songs from AI contestants this year, where I like their vocals
but don't like the very canned sounding music.
That's just me though...
Read me next time,
Sally P


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