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Sally's American Idol recap

Ryan descends the floating staircase, looking perfectly quaffed - and confident - as if his 'dating'
Julianne Hough (DWTS) is fooling anyone... Ryan needs to come out of the closet - that's all I'm going to say about it...
Okay, it's Carol King night, and all the songs preformed will be written by her.
IOWs,  this could be a real Snoozefest - or not...
* Mentor, Kenny 'baby face' Edmonds
* Producer Jimmy (a**hole) Iovine

I disagree.
I think Jimmy is one of the reasons the show is better this year.
Did you know he produced U2's Rattle and Hum 24 years ago?

<>Extra filler tonight - duets by the various 6 contestants in between their solo's.
So, guys 'n  girls, here we go:
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
1) Jacob Lusk, "Oh No, Not My Baby."
Looks like Jacob raided Randy's closet tonight - and then refused to come out of it, ya know?
Great plaid jacket with matching bow tie, especially for a preacher man...
Ooh,  "Gettin' down" with the horny girls (girls with horns), in the background.
Looks like Casey has been working with Jacob, teaching him that detestable scatting.

I agree.
Scat, by definition, means 'crap.'
Jazz people like it, but I think think 'normal' people do.

S we all knew you could sing, tonight you shook your tail-feathers.
J tricky song, but your brought it.
R heard some bad spots, but you brought it home. Liked the scatting...
*making Jacob sing first, after being in the bottom two, is NOT good news for him.
It's time for Jacob or one of the country kids to go home - more on that on the main page.
2) Lauren Alaina, "Where You Lead, I Will Follow."
Miley Cyrus appears in a surprise visit during rehearsal, to pass along the collected wisdom
of her many years. Is Miley older than Lauren? Just barely, right? (Get my point here?)
Know what? Lauren gave her typical, meh, performance. She's just not ready,
and all the 'Miley' in the world is not going to make her ready.

J she is so proud of you, she saw you pushing. But, she heard your voice cracking a little...
R saw extra swagger tonight, but didn't love that song for you.
S saw your shine, blah, blah, blah. Heard character in your voice.
*Ryan thoroughly embarrasses some audience dude - he apparently was caught
ogling her chunky butt... The tears only emphasized her immaturity, IMHO.
DUET - Haley and Casey, "I feel The Earth Move."
She is looking good, and creep that Casey is, they are doing okay - singing to the judges
and audience - damn, he has to scat. Don't care for the ending though.
S how much in love with Haley are you? It really shows.
Nothing about the duet he doesn't like.
3) Scotty McCreery, "You've Got A Friend."
Sitting on the stage with a string background. Ooh, ooh, looking and sounding real good.
Yeah, he's maturing right before our eyes every week.
R yo, alright! Dude, you know what's good? You turned your other cheek tonight.
He heard a new range in your voice tonight.

S echoing what Randy said. He likes when you go up on the notes.
Doesn't know that you ever sounded better.

J when we heard you sing like that we are glad we pushed you.
Your strength is in your storytelling, and you told that story beautifully.

*Ryan asks who he is singing to when he looks into the camera.
Gee, Ryan, are you hoping it's you?
4) James Durbin, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"
James, wailing away with only his guitar and the echo chamber, sounding fantastic!
No marching band tonight - doesn't need it! I really loved the a cappella part of
James' performance - it was damn near flawless. Mellow backup singers, really
complementing him, moderate screeches, all sounding very cool! As Lovine said,
"This is why you get into music." Good applause for James, wow!
S sold me right away. The Rock part grew on him.
J magical! She was moving in her place for first time tonight. She thinks James is a consistent performer.
R you also turned your other cheek. Tonight you proved you are a great singer.
*I liked it, that James gave a very nice shout out to Scotty when asked, by Ryan,
what he thought about Scotty's song! I agree with the judges, he is good, good, good!
DUET Lauren and Scotty, "Up On the Roof" (Drifters). Cute.
J beautiful, good job.
5) Casey Abrams, "Hi  Di, Ho" (Blood Sweat & Tears.)
Great Brass background; crap song! Casey, you should look into doing cartoon voices after this gig. ha ha
Maybe sounding like a human car alarm, or the AFLAC duck voice?
Yeah, After firing Gilbert Gottfried, that could work for you...
R listen dawg, yada, yada (couldn't listen to the BS here).
S you really found your niche. You made his scalp itch.
J your whole thing really worked. She would like you to loosen up your legs though...
*Seriously? Why is this guy still on my TV? He's an annoying joke!
6) Haley Reinhart, "Beautiful."
Baby Face really likes Haley, and gives her some good tips. Lots of background horns and singers.
I thinks she sounds great, despite the earpiece fail, which could have been sabotaged by someone...
Nigel? (Who want's Lauren in till the end, the worst way.)
S you are as beautiful as is that song. You nailed it.
J beautiful.
R didn't love the beginning, but loved the end. Your 'git' was good.
*Like this girl more each week. I do think she's  low on the Idol Totem Pole
 - perhaps she's lacking in the major suck-up department, or what??
DUET Jacob and James, "I'm Into Something Good."
They are, "taking it to church," James tells us.
Singing it to Jennifer - cute. Well, I liked it!
S not award-winning song choice, but it looked like you were having fun.
That's it for the, 'Top Six' tonight.  I didn't have high hopes for the Carole King night,
but tonight was actually good. Talented group this season, wonder who will go home on Thursday night??
We'll soon see!
Read me next time,


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