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Sally's American Idol recap

No grand entrance tonight!
Ryan tells us that the final is only 3-weeks away!
Seacrest: "Randy, why is tonight the most important night of the season?"
The camera darts all over the place and lands on Randy, who tells us (not just incomprehensible
gibberish but the exact same incomprehensible gibberish as always), "Tonight we will find out,
'Who is in it to win it!'"

Note: Time to put that line out to pasture, dawg!

Getting down to business, we will start with the current songs, and then the contestants will do a 'Classic" second song for us tonight.
Jimmy Iovine: Producer
Sheryl Crow: Mentor
Okay guys, here we go!
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
1) James Durbin,"Thirty Seconds To Mars; Closer To The Edge," Shannon and Jared Leto, and, "Without You," Harry Nilsson.
His first song was the usual good stuff!! Love this guy...
Second song - wow! Ended in tears... Great  applause, not a dry eye in the house. He leaves everything on stage.
Unfortunately, James must have had some vocal problems during the week, he sounded off on both songs - not that
it matters to me! Too bad though, after having several good weeks up till now. OTOH, he still ROCKS!

First song comments:
S beautiful, ready for Freddy.
J America is feeling it!
R "He want's it!"

Second song comments:
R emotionally perfect... Your's to lose.
S When you let the song get to you, and still can perform, that's crazy perfect.
J everyone knows you can sing, but you have the heart and soul to back it up. You are a true artist.
2) Jacob Lusk, "No Air," Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. (Jacob is singing both parts... Hahaha!)
"Love Hurts,"  Nazareth.
The second song is a great song, but not the one for Jacob. I think he's doing two parts here as well??
Why did he sing both songs in such a high octave, anyway?
Background singers, horns, harp - but still not good for me.
First song comments:
J you know who you are.
R you are one of the greatest singers here, but the duet sounded corny to him. (Greatest singers? Really?)
S he is waiting for you to find your niche.

Second song comments.
S got lost in the song, but good passion.
J brought it home in the end.
R yo man, that is the Jacob for me. You sang the highest note ever sung on AI tonight!
3) Lauren Alaina, "Flat On the Floor," Carrie Underwood, and, "Unchained Melody," Righteous Brothers.
Oh God, first song's one of those real country numbers, complete with fiddles and loud backup singers...
Thank you Sheryl Crow for calling out Lauren's breathing issues. She STILL doesn't have a dynamic performance.
She did look awesome for her second song, though. And the practice outfit (leather jacket and jeans) was great as well.
Please, retire the toddlers and tiaras once and for all, Lauren.
She sang the second song well, but since she is only 15, I can't buy it, can you?
First song comments:
R that is the direction for you!
S simply as good as it gets. You are, "it!"
J you ate that up! This is what you have to do!

Second song comments:
J nothing to judge there, beautiful song sung beautifully.
R glad to see other side of you. Nicely done.
S loved that song, he could listen to you all night.
4) Scotty McCreery, "Gone, Like A Freight Train," Montgomery Gentry, and, "Always On My Mind," Willie Nelson.
Soundin' very C&W as usual tonight - and just plain good.
He points out Paquita (grandma) in the audience - all together now: "Ahhhhh."
Sign in the audience: "Scotty, Nashville Wants YOU!" Oh yeah!
First song comments:
S my man, you know up till now you've been like a puritan. Tonight, you danced with the devil.
J I lost it for a second. That was some real AI stuff!
R here's the deal, I felt like we were at a Scotty concert tonight!

Second song comments:
R I love you. Your simplest things get the loudest applause. Love you dude.
J between first and second songs, you showed us what you can do. So beautiful. Nothing awkward about you.
S it's gonna be hard to vote this year on Idol, everyone is great.
5) Haley Reinhart, "You and I," Lady GaGa, unreleased song, and, "House Of The Rising Sun," The Animals.
Not a GaGa outfit for the first number, but she is lookin' good! I really like the girl, she already looks and sounds professional on stage.
HOTRS, A cappella start - love, love that number, and her voice! Damn, didn't she turn out to be the cat's meow?
This little girl's got it! Standing O, from judges and the audience!
First song comments:
J loves the way your sounded, but not sure Jimmy gave you the best advice. You need songs to which people connect... (Haley glazes over while JLo is talking, hahaha!)
R real deal is, it's not that great of a song. Very risky...
S I think you took a song you didn't know and made it your own. He loves what you do!

Second song comments:
R what I love about this show, blah, blah. Best performance tonight, is Haley!
S sweet and raspy, you sold it.
J that song has never been sung like that  before. (She notices that Haley was pissed of at her!) (Rightly so!)
Good show tonight!
In fact they are all pretty good performers after all is said and done. Okay, I could do without Jacob,
but I bet he is good in church. So basically, can Jacob pleeeeease go now?

The fact is, we desperately need Simon, or someone else of his ilk, to tell it the way it is. I am sick of Steven
and Jennifer and their syrupy reviews. Even when they pretend to be, 'hard,' it's not. And, as bizarre as the
judging has often been on this show, it has never been more bizarre than all 3 judges claiming that Jacob has
one of the best voices ever on that stage?? Furthermore, JLo is two-faced in the way she relates to Haley.
(It's a woman thing, so the girls will know what I mean here...)
At least Simon shot from the gut, no matter race, color, or creed. Oh well...
Read me next time,
SP :)



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