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Sally's American Idol recap

Cheesy recap of former, "Idols" doing their 'Hometown' visit, in years past, opens tonight's show.
The judge's make their grand entrance, but as usual, Seacrest comes down the stairs - to welcome us AWA the Final Four!
First part, will be Inspirational songs.
Second part, will be numbers from the Songbook of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  (Who?)
Jimmy Iovine    : producer
The Lady GaGa : mentor
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
1) James Durbin, "Don't Stop Believing," Journey.
James is starting us off with a sing-along... I'm waiting for Bill Clinton to be a backup, playing sax for him!
The audience sure loves James... Standing O!
S good popular song for you.
J great job.
R "Journey, Journey, Journey, I played with Journey, Journey, Journey, you're wearing a Journey tee-shirt,
Journey, Journey, Journey, you're wearing tails,  just like the guy from Journey, Journey, Journey . . . AND, YOU NAILED IT!!"
2) Haley Reinhart,"Earth Song," Michael Jackson.
She looks amazing, sparkly top, and black pants - backed by a chorus who does not over-shadow her tonight.
Powerful voice! I loved it!
J feels the song does inspire you, BUT, thinks it's a bad choice of song (Haley glazes over again).
R keeping it real, doesn't show him who you are as an artist - you don't have the vocal range for the song (I disagree).
You were screaming at the end... (Now she looks like she could cry.)
S don't listen to them, they are both wrong. (Showing Casey in audience...)
3) Scotty McCreery, "Where Were You (when the world stopped turning)," Alan Jackson.
Scotty's all in black, playing his guitar for the first number. Sorry, not my cup of tea.
Jesus should be left out of a secular show... And, seriously, Scotty was what, 7 years old when 9/11 happened?
That being said, Scotty was a stone cold  strategist with the 9-11 song as his first song choice.
It's so perfectly calculated, I can't even be mad. But, he's young, hopefully he'll redeem himself with the next number.
R yo, great, amazing song, great lyrics. Perfect song choice. Simple guy singing a simple song.
S you almost lost it in the middle because of your passion.
J I'm in love with you, and what you stand for. You know who you are, and she's glad to be here to witness it. (Barf.)
4) Lauren Alaina, "Do It Anyway,"  Martina McBride.
Lauren has on a cheap, dance hall getup for this number, looking real chunky again. Ooh, hoochie shoes too.
Didn't pay much attention to her song, the outfit was so overpowering...  Honey, some Vegas hooker wants that outfit back, real bad...  ha ha

S you did it again, you broke my heart.
Blue plate special. He loves your dress. (Figures...)
R last week he was worried. "America, Lauren is back; in it to win it."
    Nothing wrong with this appearance. (It's just Crap, that's all!)
J she thinks you are listening to what the judges are telling you.
Ryan asks who won the first round.
After Haley's first number, she actually had to tell Randy that he didn't need to keep repeating his nasty comments.
It looked like Randy and JLo were doing everything in their power to break her tonight. She had tears in her eyes
after they finished, and Steven looked disgusted with both of them!
Then, to top it off, they brought all four contestants back on stage after the first songs, so Randy could put-down Haley again!
(Well, you're under the bus tonight, Haley, and I liked you the best so far!!)
5) Haley Reinhart, "I Who Have Nothing."
Great black dress - the kind that would make Loren look slutty. Haley, on the other hand, looks sensational!
Sounds fab - I can see her in concert now - huge voice! Judges giving her a standing O!
Casey shown in the audience, looking adoringly at her...
J one of best performances of the year! (Guess someone told her she sounded like the bitch she is, for the first song...)
R you came back, baby! You just had your moment here! This is what you have to do! (Ryan makes Randy give her a hug...)
S I knew it! You just Reinharted yourself into next week.
(I say it takes real character to perform like that after being trashed publicly by JLo and Randy!)
6) Scotty McCreery, "Young Blood."
"Sticking his tongue down the microphone," then kissing his cross - GaGa shook him up a bit, I'd say...
This is so much better a song for him. He's out in the audience, and adding some humor to the number.
He has really come out of his shell!
The only things missing from him tonight, were the American flag dress shirt, the giant belt buckle, and a string tie.    
R dude, were you having fun? He was laughing at you and GaGa. "I think we just saw both sides of a Scotty concert!"
S you made GaGa's saga go lala. (He really did say that!)
J thinks you have hit your stride. Next week she wants to see another, different side of you. (He only has one side, Jennifer!)
7) Lauren Alaina, "Trouble."
Okay, now here's, "sequins gone wild" on Lauren. Personally, I think this is the kind of song to which she relates.
This girl has been around the block more than a few times despite her claims of naivete. If Lauren was so worried
about the word, "evil", why didn't she pick another song? It's just more evidence that she is too young to be on this show.
On second thought, please give this girl a recording contract and be done with it, I don't think she'll do well in any job requiring much education.
S just loves you...
J saw 'performance quality' in you in this number. Great song, sexy and good for you...
R saw fun song with some attitude here. GaGa gave you good advice.
(Are they a bit prejudiced for Lauren or what?)
8) James Durbin (Pimp Spot) "Love Potion Number 9."
Running down the stairs for his entrance here, he sure heats up the show. What a great performer is this kid!!
He had the audience on their feet, great back up band - ends with his famous screech - and it's only great too!!
J you know what that showed me? You can sing anything! You take any song and put the, "James thing" on it.
R you slayed the Journey song, and this one too! You are peaking at the right time. (He peaked from the start as far as I'm concerned!)
S my, my, my, blah, blah (sometimes he makes no sense to me)!
How young the kids looked tonight.
This is the first time I've seen GaGa up close. She really is not an attractive woman, but very smart to create
her costumes and mystique! I liked her, and bet she has a good business head.   OTOH, It made me really sick
how the judgery pimped Lauren and the boys, while blatantly dissing Haley. Jennifer drives the bus over Haley
as politely as she can, but Randy thinks it's too subtle and wants to be sure, so he backs the bus up to hear the
crunch and then runs her over again. Haley totally knew what they were doing. She also looked like she knew
the praise for the second song meant nothing.

Yeah, JLo may be the, "World's Most Beautiful Woman," but she gets real ugly if anyone tries to state opinions differing from her own.
I have to give props to James though, he ended the show with a bang.
Who I'd send home - Randy and J-Lo!
I think I'd like a Haley/James final.
Read me next time,
Sally P :)



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