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Sally's American Idol recap

Last show before the final next week!
It's sort of hard for me to get up any enthusiasm now that James is gone...
But, I'll do my best:
Tonight's Program:
First song     : Contestant's choice
Second song : Jimmy Iovine's choice
Third song   : Judge's will choose
Jimmy Iovine    : producer
Beyonce           : mentor
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
Scotty McCreery,"Amazed," Lone Star.
Scotty is straining to use his higher register during rehearsal, sounds worse onstage.
Hummmm, didn't like that song, but what do I know?
S praise, praise...
J blah, blah, struggling with vibrato - but good.
R I recorded it with Boys to Men," a few years ago. Then some more undeserved praise...
Lauren Alaina, "Wild One," Faith Hill.
OMG! Another wild outfit, singing that country sh*t that I hate. Her clothes are so distracting,
it's dulling the terrible song choice, IMHO. Lauren is just ZZZZZZZ.
J you came out and attacked your song. You created a moment. Flattery, flattery.
R he loved Beyonce's  advice, He likes your song choice. (He'd just love to get you in the sack, honey, and it shows...)
S Oh, Lauren, you're so ready for this...   
Haley Reinhart,"What Is, and What Should Never Be," Led Zeppelin.
Her dad is playing backup guitar, and she looks stunning! Oops, she stumbled, but good pass over.
Great performance, and lot's of applause! Randy, and Steven, standing O! (Guilt?)
R yo man, this is what it's all about! You slammed it. Crazy good.
S Haley, have you fallen for me? So, so good!
J everyone falls onstage, but a professional get's up. That was a good round for you.
Ryan asks, "Who won Round One?"
All agree it's Haley.
Scotty McCreery,"Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not," Thompson Square.
Well, the kid has personality, and is becoming more at ease on stage.
That being said, I don't like this song choice, either.
S Scotty, Scotty, I never heard you sing like that before tonight.
J so many moments I liked here. Felt like you were in, 'The Zone.' She wants him to shave his head for the finale. (She knows he's in it already?)
R look, look, Jimmy picked out a good song for you. You are approaching the, 'Garth" level. "Scotty's in it to win it..."
Lauren Alaina, "If I die Young," Perry.
Uh oh, we're are back to the cute, chunky little, 'Toddler and Tiaras" outfit.
Something about this girl just chaffs me. I think it's because she is so phony for starters...
J you have the most beautiful tone of all our finalists. (Little prejudice here?)
R you didn't hit the modulation at the right point, but you got back to it. Another good song choice by Jimmy Iovine.
S you nailed it again.
Haley Reinhart, "Rihanna," Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks.
Okay, there is no comparison between this woman and chunky Lauren!
She is beautiful, mature, pure talent (not trying to be cutsie), and very marketable!
R you're so funny? Good job, perfect pitch, you're in, 'The Zone.'
S "you sang that song so beautiful." After your last performance, good play down.
J you looked beautiful with the wind machine...
Ryan asks who won Round Two, Steven thinks Lauren, and the other two think Scotty. Jimmy likes Haley.
Now we kill time promoting Beyonce's new album. Oh, now I get why she is on the show tonight...
Man, strip away the costuming, makeup, props, setting, auto tune and bleep-bloop electronic trickery,
and there's just nothing to that Beyonce, 'song,' is there?

I agree - I like Beyonce, but that song was terrible on the first listen.
I think after 5 or 10 listens it'll be unbearable.
Beyonce looked good in the video, but her dance moves are not sexy at all.


Scotty McCreery,"She believes in me," Kenny Rogers.
Okay, he's back to singing in his range - good song for him too! Just Scotty and some dude
playing the piano - no wait, here comes dozens of violinist's. But, it's good anyway. JLo's digging it...
S first big chorus you've sung on this show. He likes.
J we all wanted to see if you could hit the big chorus, and you did!
R love seeing you stretch, very nicely done.
(OMG! Scotty's dad sang us a chorus, and he can sing too!)
Lauren Alaina, "I Hope You Dance," Lee Ann Womack.
Believe it or not, she looks lovely for this last number. Tasteful light green dress, hint of eye shadow,
and her hair looks smooth - very refined. I think she is even sounding better too! Still not as good as Haley though.
J you can not buy goose bumps. Beautiful. You won that round for me already.
R Lee Ann is a good friend of mine. (Of course.) Great lyric.
S you walked out like you owned the, "Grand Old Opry..."
Haley Reinhart, "You Oughta Know,"  Alanis Morissette.
Why did they choose this song for her? Haley's third song was a  pure fuck over by the judges.
Hardest song of the night, and it really showed. Haley had a terrible time with the verses,
she should have rearranged the song to slow it down because the verses sounded bad,
but the chorus and end were great. All of Haley's songs were harder than anything anyone else did.
Now we know, they want her to lose...
R America's got it's work cut out for them, but...
S amazing, you so nailed the chorus'.
J power behind your growl, but the chorus' were the best.
Ryan asks who won the last round? Steven said Haley, the other two said Lauren.
I thought Haley won the night, and her first performance was fantastic.
From the performances to the lighting to the costumes, Haley was a STAR tonight.

OTOH, Lauren and Scotty were like two high school kids, performing in a local talent show.

I've been feeling this for two weeks now, but tonight it was incredibly obvious that Haley,
as a performer, is on a completely different level than the two teens.
I also LOVE (and by love, I mean HATE) how Jennifer said that Lauren won the last round before Haley even sang:
"I'm going to call Lauren's performance the best of the round - before I even hear Haley, because I chose a crap song for Haley to sing..."
And, how is it that she was the only judge who didn't give Haley a standing ovation for her first song?  JLo, you're so obvious.

Furthermore, why didn't they play up Haley's "Rock" side before tonight? Now they just want to try to get some of the James votes.
I thought she was the sultry, jazzy one? Now she's the rocker? But holy hell, I hope she's in the finale. Because listening to two
16 year olds fail to connect with country songs, will bore me to absolute tears.

You're absolutely correct.
The vote riggers are going against the majority of viewers.

I don't know why there are judges on the show. Steven just rambles, JLo picks a catchphrase each week.
Last week it was, "Pushing yourself," this week, "Having a moment." And, Randy's all "In it to win it," 50 times a show.
Who will it be?
Guess we'll have to wait and see...
Read me for the last time next week,
Sally P :)



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