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Sally's Penultimate Idol Review

Here we are, the final talent part of American Idol - boy, that went fast...
Or, did it?
At times I felt it world never end, and now it is - has always been kinda sad for me.
The judges are seated, Ryan had descended the stairs, and Scotty and Lauren are flanking him on either side.
The Idol doctor is invited onstage to inform us that while Lauren has had vocal problems this week,
he had treated her and she is fine...
That being said, let's get on with it.

Round One, the contestants will sing their favorite songs.
Round Two, "Idols" will pick songs for the contestant Idols.
Round Three, each contestant  performs his/her first single release, IF they win.
T H I S  I S  A M E R I C A N   I D O L
Scotty McCreery "Gone Like A Freight Train."
Scotty comes right out from the audience, looking all C&W - loose and personable like, singing his little heart out.
Round 2 - George Strait will pick for Scotty.
"Check Yes Or No."
How many ways can I say boring here? Scotty sounded like Scotty.
He's pretty much stayed the same all season long without any variation.
I knew this final was gonna be bad. Now I am just fighting to stay awake...

Scotty is a boring teenager with a deep voice.
His "Q" potential is somewhere between "Why" and "I don't care."

Lauren Alaina, "Flat On The Floor."
Another Gawd awful outfit - with gold cowboy boots. It's like a bloody kiddy talent show!
Hate the song, hate the singer - what else can I say?

I didn't see it, but I feel like I did because you said it exactly.
Lauren has the biggest arms in show business, but nobody has told her that.
When she wears sleeveless outfits, she looks like
a Russian weight-lifter.

2 Carrie Underwood, chooses, "Maybe It Was Memphis" for Lauren.
Okay, could she have on a more pageant or hooker style dress, had she tried?

I see the same thing, even if I didn't see the show.
Sally is painting pictures in my head.

Hasn't anyone advised her NOT to wear these costumes before; half prom dress/half square dance outfit.

ha ha

Lauren always has that, 'older' look about her, sort of like a, 'Miss America' contestant
who looks 27, but turns out to be only 19.  But then, she probably knows that Scotty is
going to win, so has decided to just have fun tonight...
Judges now give comments on both contestants and the two rounds.
R so even performances, both of you. Hates to judge who wins each round, but really likes Scotty's versions
of his songs. OTOH, loves Lauren's songs too... Giving Round 1 to Scotty and Round 2, to Lauren.
J agrees with Randy, goes with Randy winning picks...
S gives first and second rounds to Lauren, "Because she is prettier." Thinks both are, "In It To Win It..."
Time killer/promo
"Taio Cruz" singing Idol contest song, "I'm Going To Be Positive." Something went seriously wrong during
Taio Cruz's performance, whether it was him forgetting the words or the track he was lip-syncing to going out.
It sounded like his Auto-tune became disabled towards the end. I am pretty sure we were never meant to hear his actual voice.
Hate this shit anyway...

ha ha

I love it when a writer speaks their mind...

Final Round:
Scotty McCreery  "I Love You This Big."
Hand wavers are back, as he croons this C&W song... Not too bad, and the girls are erupting with applause.
And, at least he didn't flaunt his thunder thighs, from down under.

ha ha

Apparently, he knows, there's a time and place for sparkly square dancing outfits...

R yo, dude, blah, blah, in it to win it...
J love your story-telling, good vocal range, yada, yada, yada.
S loves it, more praise.
Sally the judges are excelling at being disingenuous here... Gag me, please.
Lauren Alaina, "I Love You This Big," really takes the cheesy cake.
I hope I never hear that song again. The singles on this show are always painfully cheesy, but really...
Great dress though, but the hand wavers were blocking the view. Nice touch, going out to the audience
to hug her Mother - who is crying right on cue. This could sway votes - good choice for her here.
Well played, Iovine and show. Because, they know, mom rules.

R didn't catch his remarks too much applause.
J with that song, you may have won.
S Mom is bedrock to kids - you are in my eyes, something, something??
Sally I thought the neon, "Your mother wants you to vote for Lauren" sign was a little over the top.
What, were they all out of "Vote for Scotty and kittens will die" signs?

ha ha

Who won Round 3
R Lauren.
J tight race, doesn't want to choose here.
S Lauren.
Ending the show with a performance by David Cook (Won Idol a few years back) with
background clips from the Idol auditions this year...

I hate what this show has become.

Around week 6-8, they had the world on a string.
Then the producers stepped in a "fixed" everything.

I am sorry for my lack of enthusiastic tonight, readers. Of course I will watch tomorrow night
(can't wait to tune in for the most lukewarm moment in Idol history) 
ha ha  but, in fact, I'm just over it.
And, the Lauren pimping tonight was outrageous. The fake, 'Will she or won't she sing?' drama, really...
The freaking doctor brought out on stage. this, not to mention the "I love my mommy" tearjerker song, really!
While I'm at it, who can remember an Idol contestant who ever cared LESS about winning than
Scotty McCreery did tonight?   He was totally checked out. I would be, too, if they gave me that song.
But seriously, the boy was OVER it. I wonder if he's just now starting to realize he could've waited
nine months and auditioned for "The X Factor..."
It's been fun,
Sally P :)

Sally, I thought that was your best review EVER!

Sally's In It To Win It!!!

No, seriously, you have grown so much as a writer. You are so much fun to read.
Idol was pre-emoted last night by that dopey killer tornado local bullshit, but after
reading your review, I feel like we got to see it live.

I'm convinced you need to write more TV reviews!

We have a whole summer of reality TV upon us.

PLEASE stay on and write more reality TV reviews.

I told Sally, "Don't be discouraged by the lack of feedback."
My last two radio shows (maybe 12 hours work) generated a total of ONE person's feedback.

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