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Sally's American Idol Recap - Choosing the Top Ten

Historically, only the Top 10 make the tour, so this week's elimination will be the toughest one yet.
Making the tour ensures a six-figure summer paycheck, and according to several sources, this year's
tour will be going well into September in an attempt to divert attention from the debut of Simon
Cowell's 'X Factor.'
Lot's of old-timers in the audience tonight, for Senior night AWA Motown!! (Which is always so
hit or miss, especially given the age of these kids.) As far as connecting with the material, they might
as well be singing, 'Songs From Outer Space.'
Never-the-less, here we go:
1) Casey Abrams, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," Marvin Gaye.
Gads, what a weird hair style! Casey did not look well tonight.
Casey is fun, but he's never very melodical. I was bored...
S perfect entertainer.  Everybody drink.
J people know who you are.
R true original.
2) Thia Megia, "Heatwave," Martha and the Vandella's.
Cute pink dress with black top and huge heart around her neck. We've seen so many pretty, young girls,
with nice voices, run through the 'Idol' mill. In the end, there is something too pageant-like about them
and they never quite catch on.

Okay, even with her blond Vandella's kept way in the background, it's more of a, "Lukewarm Wave" for me.
Sorry little girl, you're too lightweight for this music...
J you are just scratching the surface. Dig deeper for next time.
R we knew you had it in you, but take more chances.
S agrees with J&R. "Cheers!"
3) Jacob Lusk, "You're all I need to Get By," Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.
After he said he was doing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, I was so sure that he was going to say,
"And I'll be singing both parts..."
Jacob looked and sounds better this week. Sharp white jacket and candy stripped tie. Lots of applause.
You can see that he's growing in confidence. So much so, that by Disco week, he will unabashedly sing, "It's Raining Men."
R another best performance. You took time on verses, sounded great.
J you made us beg for notes. You moved me.
S mumble, mumble, hiccup.
4) Lauren Alaina, "You Keep Me Hanging On," Diana Ross & The Supremes.
For starters, Lauren is no Diana Ross! With her Supremes kept far in the background, she countrified
the song. Did like the Zebra-stripped dress, but this girl just rubs me the wrong way. That being noted,
Lauren looked nice tonight, kind of like Kirstie Alley's slightly younger sister...
S you don't listen to anyone, but I like you. Drink's on the house?
J you look amazing tonight. You brought the song to life.
R got your swagger on.
5) Stefano Langone, "Hello," Lionel Richie.
Eyes were mostly open, but the same pained look on his face. Good notes, and the audience sure seemed
to enjoy him, but - I still don't like him. Stefano, the wedding singer job is still calling. Oh, and that was not Motown, BTW!
It's becoming increasingly clear to me that Stefano can't sing about love, because the only woman he'll ever love is his Mom.
J you need to connect with the song. Your intensity seems to come from wanting to do well, not from the song.    
R sounded good, but no connection to song.
S no emotion in your song. Hiccup.
6)  Haley Reinhart, "You Really Got A Hold On Me," Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Her miracles
sure were good and loud tonight, huh?  Despite the Ho shoes and trampy outfit, she sounded good. Too bad
nobody told her that the audience who watches the show won't go for the slutty stuff she puts out.
R yo, you started weak but by the middle of the song you got it and sounded, 'real good.'
S beautiful. You don't look a day over fabulous. Love the growl. Drink up!
J good control of your soulful voice.
7) Scotty McCreery, "For Once In My Life," Stevie Wonder.
This kid is all country - who else could make Motown sound C&W the way he did? Harmonica man
sitting there doing his thing, loved it! Great low ending notes! Scotty may not win this thing, but he'll
go straight to Nashville and make bank. Mark my words!
S beautiful, like Glen Campbell. You ripped it. Burp!
J great version of the song. Not greatest performance, but good.
R may not be greatest, but I was smiling all throughout the song. You are a Lady killer!
8) PiaToscano, " All In Love Is Fair," Stevie Wonder. She looks amazing - in an overly sophisticated and rather
outdated styling that makes her look 40 instead of 22... You notice this especially when she is surrounded by so
many teens (when you look older than Lauren's mother, you have a problem).  Pia's performance was technically
proficient, but musical Ambien. Beautiful girl, I can see her on Broadway, belting out those big, shrill notes, night after night...
J beauty, voice, feelings good, but you don't own the stage.
R phenomenal, and you hit the notes dead on. I want some up-tempo stuff. "You can't live by ballads alone."
S closest star in the American Idol Universe. "I want another drink, NOW!"
9) Paul McDonald, "Tracks of My Tears," Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. I cringed when I heard
that Paul was doing the same song that Adam Lambert killed a few years back! Unfortunately, it was worse than I imagined...
Crazy face Paul, his guitar, and his two blond Miracles on the dark stage. You just know this guy smokes weed...
I am totally perplexed as to why people seem to like him so much.
He's so wrong for this show though...he needs to go.
R liked that you didn't dance around the stage. Unique tone of voice...
S you sing like Dylan. (I demand a recount here!)   ha ha
J most seasoned performer. With a good producer you are ready too go.
(What are all these judges drinking tonight?)
10) Naima Adedapo, "Dancing In The Streets," Martha and the Vandellas.
Okay, girl friend, just because you have a lot of accessories in your closet, it doesn't mean you should wear
them all at the same time. Oh Naima, what could have been! She's not the best singer on the show but she's
the only female who didn't come out of a cookie cutter. This girl can't really carry a tune, she can't dance,
but she's so comfortable on the stage. Naima's unique and very, very contemporary, but she's blowing it
by taking it too far out of the viewers' comfort zone. Loved the Nigerian drums, I just hope that she won't
be dancing in the streets by Thursday night...
S twiddle dee. (I'm just out of it now...)
J exciting performer. You're my mover on the stage.
R all of Naima showed up tonight.
11) James Durbin, "Living for the City," Stevie Wonder. Love James Durban, he's totally entertaining.
Enjoyed the song choice, the dance moves, and the vocals. Great stage presence.
Good audience rapport. Lot's of Pyrotechs!
J Oh My God! (More audience applause) You are leaving me speechless.
R started rough (audience boo's) but as soon as you hit your stride, you were unbelievable.
S it takes a bit of being crazy to be great. You nailed it! (Kerplunk! Did I really see his head hit the desk
 by the end of the show?)
And so much for another round of Motown in 2011, killing off the REAL stuff for another season.
It's so lame to give Jimmy Iovene four times longer to spout cliches than the kids get to sing. 
I swear he retreads all those cliches every damn week.
This show really hates music.
The background singers evidently thought they were singing for their lives. They were mic'd way-way too loud.
They completely overpowered the singers at times. This week was better than last, but I wasn't really blown
away by anyone. The horrible team-Iovine arrangements and backing tracks are just ruining the season for me.
It's becoming glaringly apparent that Paula and Simon are sorely missed here!
Read me next time,



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