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Bob in Beijing's American Idol recap

So since I'm here in Beijing plus given my current routine, I'm forced to keep up with American Idol
via the performance videos they post on their website. Certainly not as much fun watching it by myself
in this Marriott compared to watching with my neighbors but there you go. Just got through watching the
latest batch of performances do their Elton John songs, and of course by the time I watch I already know
who has been sent home, and I'm OK with both choices.

I have to say that I liked almost all the songs, except for PAUL who unbelievably gets worse every week.
His Rocket Man was terrible, he reminded me of Rod McCuen who is even worse than my tone-deaf dad.
And yet on he goes. Well, he has been the pick on for awhile now, maybe he's getting
the sympathy votes.

I have to say that Naima's reggae-fied take on I'm Still Standing (a pretty mediocre EJ tune) was inventive
and great. Of course it was also a bit ironic because 24 hours later...well, she was no longer standing.

Jacob's grief-infused Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word was painful to watch. Like most of these folks,
his performances have become a cliche - once he starts you can count to 30 and listen for the key change and
him screeching to the rafters.

James Durbin picked EJ's rocker, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (surprise!) and he was also a bit cliched.

Scotty McReary's Country Comfort meanwhile seemed genuine and sincere - while I don't care for that style
of country, I think he's great.

Pia and Haley seem to be in a competition to see who can get their hemline the highest, and hey, that's just
fine with me. Pia comes off with no charisma but man oh man she can sing like it's nobody's business.

I admit that I have developed a bit of a crush on Haley so when she started on the piano Baker Boys style....
well, she had me at hello. I also thought she knocked Benny & The Jets Out of the park.

Thia Meghia...see ya.

Stefano sang Tiny Dancer and you could almost feel the toothpicks in his eyelids keeping them open.
His voice is still really good in that poppy way but his days may be numbered given the strength of the
non-Paul guys. Casey took a little different approach from what he has been doing which was smart.
His Your Song was heartfelt, tender and clear. I'd like to see him win but he's a longshot given that
he's already been at the bottom once.

Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, Lauren Alaina.
She's sweet but at this point she's the weakest of the ladies left. She may very well be the next one
to go home since it looks like we're stuck with Paul who has been the worst for many many weeks now.

And that's it from Beijing, y'all.
 Beijing Bob



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