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Subject: Angry with Obama  

You want to talk about stupid and congenital losers?
Take a look at the criminally incompetent morons that Obama surrounded himself with.

And they wonder why the liberal base has thrown in the towel and decided to stay home this election.
It's because Obama is a fraud and people are tired of being stabbed in the back by phony liberals who are really Republicans in sheeps' clothing.
The fact is, there is no progressive liberal party in this country. There never has been.

There's two groups: The right-wing Fascists who make no pretense about being anti-Constitutional war mongering criminals
out to lie cheat and steal p.ower at all costs and the left-wing Fascists who try to pretend they're something other than
anti-Constitutional, lying, cheating, stealing criminals out to control every facet of human behavior.

But- at the end of the day - there's no difference between the two.
It's a charade to make you think you have a choice. You have no choice.

Obama is running around now like a chicken with his head cut off babbling about how the
liberals need to get fired up. How pathetic is that? I'll tell you how pathetic that is.

At the very same time we have Attorney General Eric Holder announcing that the Federal Drug Gestapo
is going to "vigorously" continue to persecute people in California for possessing a fucking weed that g
rows wild in nature - even if the voters legalize it.

Now there's a really smart move that will endear his party to lefties and liberals for sure... no doubt.
Trample and dismiss the will of the voting public in the most arrogant abuse of power imaginable.
Announce to everybody that the voters are actually completely irrelevant as far as The Feds are concerned.
Come out on TV and declare that you're just simply going to ignore the people who pay your salary.

Now, that's brilliant.

Who would have thought of that as a winning campaign platform? Clever.. eh?

In order to continue a totally insane and failed policy that has resulted in nothing but a mockery of freedom,
The Constitution, the law and for decades been a complete failure on every front - except for one: enriching
foreign Drug Cartels, tell the voters they don't count and you're just going to ignore them - throw them in jail.
Now, that's a smart move to throw into the mix.

Of course, the legalizing of pot promises to generate over $17 Billion dollars in tax revenues.
This would be a Godsend for the California treasury.

But, why should Reichs Fuhrer, Holder, care about that?

He is just going to say "Fuck You" to the Tax Payers in California who are desperately trying to come up
with anything to stave off bankruptcy. Why? Because he can.

You see, fascist idealogues, like Holder, completely absorbed by their own supreme sense of self importance
couldn't care less about the petty problems of you little people because he's on a mission to prove something far grander.

He's going to prove that he and The Federal Drug Nazis are going to do whatever they want regardless of how
negative the consequences are to the economy, to society, to the general welfare and how useless and wasteful
the fraudulent and counter-productive policy of prohibition has proved itself out to be for controlling drugs,
prostitution, alcohol and every other vice - particularly the victimless ones.

The right-wing Fascist Nanny State has declared it has the divine right to meddle and interpose itself in your
personal private life to control what you put in your body over all these decades of total failure, no matter how you vote.
Tricky Dick Nixon left us with that legacy. You know, he was the small government Republican that gave us the DEA
to show us what a small government kinda guy he was.

And Der General Holder has picked up the mantle of tyranny to demonstrate to us that in
The Land Of The Free as a Tax Paying adult, you don't actually even own your body.

The Feds OWN it and they will tell you how to manage it - under penalty of incarceration
if you don't like it - just so you don't forget.

They will even deny you the medicine you need to ease your suffering if you choose to smoke it
instead of buying the fucking pills their criminal pals at the drug companies peddle.

To summarize his position: He's going to continue to repeat the same behavior no matter how negative the consequences.
Yes, these people are not only stupid, they are literally insane with the corrupting dementia of p.ower.

Even Louis XVI wasn't this fucking stupid.

Indeed, these fascist bastards like Holder deserve nothing less than to be taken out and handled the same way
Louis XVI was. How much clearer can he be that these arrogant scumbags see their own position in The World
in the same terms and with the same perspective Louis did? The answer is obvious.

This current generation of Democrats is truly the most self destructive and gutless pack of losers in American political history.

Two years ago, in the wake of the gargantuan wreckage left by The Bush Crime Gang, they were looking at
a mandate that seemed unstoppable for a generation. And in two short years they managed to turn it around 180 degrees.

Now, that takes real talent.

There's one thing Democrats love more than lying, stealing and handing over your money to Israel.

That's losing elections.
Thanks for letting me rant,



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