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Another Tulsa home invasion
That's five in the last 40 days


Tulsa Police are investigating a first-degree burglary attempt Thursday morning when
two men kicked in a front door and fired two shots into the residence, police said.

The suspects fled the house about 4:40 a.m., police said.

Ile Foster, 30, said he was leaving his front door to go to a nearby convenience store
when he saw two Black men wearing masks immediately in front of his house.

WTF is this guy doing running to a convenience store at 4:40 AM?

In the last Tulsa home invasion story we talked about,
the girl was coming home from a fast food restaurant at 3:30.

Foster immediately slammed his door, dead bolted the lock and put his shoulder to it
as the men slammed into it, he said.  One of the suspects shot through the door about
two feet from the base, but did not hit Foster.

Foster yelled to Davis, his roommate, to get a shotgun in an upstairs room.
When Davis came down with the gun, the men had run away, he said.

Foster and Davis chased the suspects but lost them

You don't do that.
When the scumbags are inside your house, the homeowner wins all challenges.
Outside, you're just a crazy man with a gun, looking for revenge.

I hope these scumbags don't come to Casa de Bart.
I will not hesitate to introduce them to The Lord.


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