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Applying for food stamps
"Don't you feel guilty?"


I'm currently reading a book called "The Holocaust," and in one of its first chapters the author describes
Adolph Hitler's rise to power in Germany -- wherein, in the early days of the National Socialist party,
Hitler's Brown-Shirts were thugs and bullies whose main policy was to pick only on vulnerable little guys.
Apparently, Hitler's SS-in-training only went on the attack when they knew that they were significantly
more powerful than their opponents. Their main targets were always elderly people, women, minorities
and isolated random individuals out on the street by themselves.

This same policy seems to be currently popular here in America now too.

A major policy of America's many right-wing hate-machines seems to be one of never attacking any of
the rich and powerful corporations, bankers and weapons manufacturers who blatantly receive government
welfare -- billions of dollars at a time. No, the highly vocal right-wingers only attack those who cannot defend
themselves -- such as the vulnerable salt-of-the-earth Americans who are now forced to apply for a "welfare"
helping hand after their jobs have been shipped overseas by wealthy corporatists who also enjoy receiving
the government dole.

How come it is considered to be a wonderful thing for the rich to receive welfare -- but if the middle-class
or working classes apply, they are ridiculed and shunned? Why don't bankers and weapons manufacturers
who live on the dole get that same scorn heaped upon them?

The answer is always the same:
because the Democrats refuse to list the goddamn facts.


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