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Arizona isn't the problem
 Racism is racism is racism - by Frank Rich


Arizonans, like all Americans, have every right to be furious about Washington's protracted and bipartisan failure
to address the immigration stalemate. 

Why is this a federal problem?
Why can't Arizona fend for themselves?
What happened to "states rights" they always crow about?
Aren't they admitting that they're children who need help from Mom and Dad?

To be angry about illegal immigration is hardly tantamount to being a bigot. But the Arizona law expressing that anger 
is bigoted, and in a very particular way. The law dovetails seamlessly with the national 'Take Back America' crusade 
that has attended the rise of  Obama and the accelerating demographic shift our first African-American president represents.

The crowd that wants Latinos to show their papers if there's a 'reasonable suspicion' of illegality is often the same crowd 
demanding that the president produce a document proving his own citizenship. Lest there be any doubt of that confluence, 
Rush Limbaugh hammered the point home after Obama criticized Arizona's action. 'I can understand Obama being touchy 
on the subject of producing your papers,' he said. 'Maybe he's afraid somebody's going to ask him for his.' Or, as Glenn Beck 
chimed in about the president last week: 'What has he said that sounds like American?'

To the 'Take Back America' right, the illegitimate Obama is Illegal Alien No. 1. It's no surprise that of the 35 members of 
the Arizona House who voted for the immigration law (the entire Republican caucus), 31 voted soon after for another new law 
that would require all presidential candidates to produce birth certificates to qualify for inclusion on the state's 2012 ballot. 
With the whole country now watching Arizona, that 'birther' bill was abruptly yanked Thursday.

So, Arizona is full of bigots - who knew?

First time we saw U2 was in 1987 - opening night of the Joshua Tree tour.
Bono had deaths threats because he said Arizona should join the other 50 states and have a MLK holiday.

In their very emotional Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Bono thanked bass player Adam Clayton 
for standing in front of him while they played "Pride" that night.

Arizona hates "niggers and beaners"and they don't care who knows it.
Like all bigots, they're VERY proud of themselves.

We're not the United States.
We're the Fifty states just north of Mexico.

BTW, someone sent me the lyrics to the Arizona State song.
They were very racist, something like "If you eat a taco you won't be welcome..."
and I tried to find that e-mail and couldn't so I looked it up
but there's nothing in this version that's racist.

Was somebody just pulling my lariat?

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