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Subject: This whole Arizona law thing

Usually when I don't know how to take sides on an issue, like this one, I tend to resort to very simple questions 
that I think the average person can answer. And when they can't answer the questions to my satisfaction, 
it shows me that A LOT of people may not have the full story, or they have their own bias, or they don't know just as much as I do.

So here are my simple questions to this matter.

1. Is this law that Arizona just passed, the kind of law that should already be in effect in regards to illegal aliens? In every state? 
If not, how do we determine an illegal alien IS in fact an illegal alien? We have to look at documentation somehow.

2. If we are debating about illegal immigrants, who would want to take sides of the criminal? 
Isn't breaking the law, breaking the law? If not, why bother following any laws?

3. If we had a law that employers couldn't hire illegal immigrants because they are illegal, (just like they cant hire us if we do 
illegal drugs or any other illegal stuff that is termed "illegal") then wouldn't that make the illegal immigrants have an incentive 
to become legal thus alleviating a huge part of the problem?

If people don't know if they like Arizona's law I suggest they should look from the perspective of the extreme opposite.
(All borders are open, no checkpoints) and see how they jive with that and look their way towards the middle ground. 
Of course the MSM always has to turn this into a black and white issue (no pun intended). The media does its best to 
deflect our attention away from option #3, #4, #5 etc. The options that are actually good ones.

Read you everyday Bart,


Duey, you might be looking at this from the perspective of, "In a perfect world, why would..."
but this world is anything but perfect so we have to go with what we've got.

I'm guessing the only way to have a semi-intelligent position on this would be to live in Arizona
and read the newspapers every day for a couple of years and watch the TV discussions.
As time goes by, I'd be able to spot the bullshit artists and the racist pigs.

1. What do you tell the Mexican-looking American who's grandparents were born in Arizona in 1920 after he's 
been pulled over 100 times while an angry cop demands to see his papers to see if he's allowed to be here or not?

2. The guy I just talked about is legal.  White people have no idea what it's like to be hassled by a racist cop.
If you've been pulled over 100 times, maybe you've had a gun pointed at you 30-40 times.
The more times you do that, the more chance their is for a mistake and boom - he's dead.

Far as I know, nobody is on the side of the illegals. The question is how do you tell who's illegal
without robbing all dark-skinned Americans of their right to freely walk down the street?

3. We have those laws now, but enforcing them seems to be next to impossible.

I have an answer, tho. Since the problem is we can't build a high enough fence,
I suggest we fill the Rio Grand with thousands of hungry crocodiles.  (That's a joke)

Soon, the immigration Northward would stop.

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