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Armed man no threat to Obama?
 Just because his last name is McVey...


An Ohio man who authorities say was carrying a gun and driving a car loaded with law enforcement equipment 
when he said he wanted to see the president is a "public-service-minded" ham-radio, weather and police buff, 
acquaintances said Monday.

Joe McVey, who was spotted by police in an Asheville Regional Airport parking lot Sunday just after 
Air Force One departed, had a note in his car with formulas used for firing a rifle with a scope, authorities said.

McVey did not have a rifle with him, but the arrest was merited to ensure McVey was not a threat, said Jeff Augram, 
the airport's public safety chief. Knowing McVey's interests as a radio buff, weather enthusiast and sheriff's volunteer 
helped explain many of the items found in his car, Augram said.

McVey was being held under a $100,000 secured bond for the misdemeanor charge of going armed in terror of the public. 
If he posts bail, McVey would be released. The investigation was continuing, but the Secret Service said he did not believe 
there was a federal agency that wanted him held.

On Monday, he appeared calm and spoke in a steady voice for a court hearing via video conference. 
McVey faces up to 120 days in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor.

Remember under Der Monkey Fuhrer, they'd arrest people for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt?

They did that because the Democrats didn't have the brains or the balls to get an order from a judge
that spelled out the illegality of arresting citizens for wearing shirts with opinions on them.

Bullies will continue to bully until they are stopped.
Maybe the Democrats will learn what every school kid knows in my lifetime?

I wonder what America would be like if the Left wanted to win?

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