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Subject: A break in the clouds  

Current solar wind speed is only 348 km/sec and the forecast is for low aurora activity,
but we had a welcome break in the clouds and clear skies for about 2 hours tonight.

Around midnight I decided there was a window of opportunity so went for a drive to
test out my new camera as I need to completely memorize all the buttons and function
controls so I can operate everything in the dark. Half way up Henderson Road I parked
and the lights came out and danced around for a bit, and then it clouded over again.

<>2nd and 3rd photos were taken with new Canon 7D and 11-16mm lens,
1st and 4th photos were taken with Canon Rebel and 8mm fisheye lens.
  Astrocat in Alaska

 Thanks, Astrocat - You send good stuff.

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