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BP Clean-up may be Impossible
 How many millions of barrels escaped each day?


The gooey oil washing into the maze of marshes along the Gulf Coast could prove impossible to remove, 
leaving a toxic stew lethal to fish and wildlife, government officials and independent scientists said.
Officials are considering some drastic and risky solutions: 
They could set the wetlands on fire or flood areas in hopes of floating out the oil.

They warn an aggressive cleanup could ruin the marshes and do more harm than good. 
The only viable option for many impacted areas is to do nothing and let nature break down the spill.

More than 50 miles of Louisiana's delicate shoreline already have been soiled by the massive Cheney slick. 
Officials fear oil eventually could invade wetlands and beaches from Texas to Florida. Louisiana is expected to be hit hardest.

I saw Tweety on Leno and he was angry that Obama is not telling us the truth - and I agree.

The Gulf is being polluted at whatever rate BP says it is, and we know they're lying to us.
Remember, it started out at what, 1,000 gallons a day? Then it went to 5,000 gallons a day,
and then higher and higher and Obama says nothing.

It reminds me of Eldrick's problems - remember how that started?
There was rumors of an affair - ONE affair.
Next day another girl came forward, then another, then another.

Like the oil spill, Eldrick's single affair blossomed into over 120 - same for BP.

Recent estimates are coming out in thousands of barrels (55 gallons each) each day
Or is that hundreds of thousands of barrels a day - we don't know because
nobody can measure anything this big BUT the government and Obama is silent.

Perhaps he's embarrassed that, about a month before the biggest eco-disaster of all time,
he was all for off-shore drilling and, to some degree, he looks like a Repuiblican oil man on this.

Didn't we vote to change our course AWAY from Republican oil men?

I wonder - where would we be today if Obama's primary concern
was something OTHER than getting the snarling dogs to like him?

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