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BP bans fly-overs
 How do they own the air?


Stories about BP working with the Coast Guard and local police to prevent full coverage of  oil spill 
have been coming out for some time now--and don't seem to be going away. Newsweek reports that 
everyone from traditional and independent journalists and photojournalists to Jean-Michel Cousteau 
have been denied access--they've even go so far to establish no-fly zones.

The latest instance of denied press access comes from Belle Chasse, La.-based Southern Seaplane Inc., 
which was scheduled to take a New Orleans Times-Picayune photographer for a flyover Tuesday, 
and says it was denied permission once BP officials learned that a member of the press would be on board.

"We are not at liberty to fly media, journalists, photographers, or scientists," the company said in a letter to 
Sen. David Vitter (R-Hookers & Diapers). 'We strongly feel that the reason for this massive [temporary flight 
restriction] is that BP wants to control their exposure to the press.'"

"We are not at liberty to fly media?"

How are they able to stop them? 
Small planes don't even have to file a flight plan.

If you have a small plane in New Orleans and you want to fly over the spill,
why not say you're flying to Little Rock and then fly South?

What's to stop them?
Is BP going to shoot down small planes?   With what?

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