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BP not Paying Claims
They're not denying them, they're just not paying them


<>BP said Monday it had received 145,000 claims from residents and business owners like Lindsay citing
lost income because of the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and had paid out $324 million without
denying a single claim. That sounds pretty good, until frustrated residents and officials point out that
39,000 claims are in limbo – some of them, including Lindsay's, have been there for months. Some that
have been paid are only partial payments, and many of those people are still fighting for more money.

"Therein lies the problem," Mississippi AG Jim Hood said recently. "They don't deny them. They just
hold them open forever." Hood speculated that BP PLC would rather wait for Kenneth Feinberg,
the federally appointed administrator of the $20 billion compensation fund BP established at the behest
of the White House, to take over the claims process this month. That way, if a claim is denied,
"he's the bad guy" instead of BP, Hood said.

BP claims director Darryl Willis said the company isn't deliberately delaying. Rather, 26,000 pending
claims are still being evaluated and thousands of others need more documentation, the company said.
"Our intent is to continue paying claims until this process is handed over to Ken Feinberg," Willis said.
'There's no intent to slow this thing down.'"

If BP's running this like a crooked American company, they head claims adjusters gets
a slice of every claim denied - why else would he take such a thankless job?

At America insurance companies, the guy who denies the most legitimate insurance claims
makes a shitload of money and then he gets to take his entire family to Hawaii for a week.

It's a win-win for everybody - except the poor bastard who paid his premiums for 30 years
only to get a quick, "Fuck you - Denied" when he needs their help the most.

Capitalism needs rules.
Pure capitalism is charging $100 for a bag of ice after a hurricane.


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