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Backstabbing Kissyface to leave senate
Goodbye traitor, don't let the 30 pieces of silver hit you in the ass


Senator Jomentum Lieberman (R-Traitor) will announce on Wednesday that
he will not seek a fifth term, according to a person he told of his decision.

Mr. Lieberman, whose term is up in 2012, chose to retire rather than having
his candy ass kicked, said the person, who spoke to the senator on Tuesday.
“I don’t think he wanted to go out feet first,” the person said.

A longtime whore and backstabber, Kissyface won re-election in 2006,
largely benefiting from a weak showing by the Republican candidate,
who received less than 10 percent of the vote.

Why did Connecticut send this son of a bitch back to Washington?
So he could block everything our new president would try to fix?

But Linda McMahon, the wealthy pro-wrestling tycoon who spent $50 million
on an unsuccessful Senate race last year, has signaled she may run again in 2012.

I would rather have some nutbag wrestling bitch have that seat than Kissyface.
Hell, I'd rather have Senator Glenn Beck than this asshole.

Worse yet was Obama fawning over this "Tokyo Joe" after getting screwed by him,
only to have Kissyface screw him AGAIN which makes me wonder why Obama,
who is considered a smart man, cannot learn from his mistakes.

I've said it for many years: The Democrats need a mechanism for
triatorous, backstabbing assholes out of the party. 

It always sickens me when some backstabbing whore like Kissyface makes a
speech at NaziCon 2008, denouncing his president, (Zell Miller did the same
NaziCon 2004) but it makes me even sicker to see Obama smile that toothy
smile, hug the son of a bitch and say "All is forgiven - OF COURSE you can
keep your senior committee chairmanship, Joe."

Between Kissyface's backstabbing and Obama's blessing his enemies,
it's no wonder the Democrats can't figure out who the fuck they are.



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