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Subject: So, Bart is ready for war with Iran 

Hi Bart:
First of all, although Ahmadinejad may be the president of Iran, the real power lies in the hands of Ali Khamenei,
who is in control of the country's armed forces.  So any ill will you may express towards "Amahandjob" is misdirected.  
Khamenei calls all the shots here.
I'm unable to gauge how accurate that paragraph is.
Ahmahandjob is banging his shoe on the UN podium and you're 
telling me he's nobody, he doesn't count, he's just a puppet?

Bush was a puppet and he killed a million people.
Secondly, institution a naval blockade of Iran is an act of war and it could result in a region-wide conflict with Iran 
that would probably spur the Shia population of Iraq into an insurgent war with the US troops still in Iraq.  

I didn't say it would be pretty.
I'm saying it may be necessary, like root canal or an abortion.

US forces, dependent on long supply lines, would be easily cut-off and stranded during any sort of mass uprising.  
Also, what do you think the result would be in the Muslim countries in the region such as Pakistan and Afghanistan?  

You're making a classic mistake - comparing my suggestions to some mythical place where there are no risks.
You're saying, "If we defend ourselves, a fight could break out."
So what'll happen if we refuse to defend ourselves?

I would bet that it would not be positive and could very well be extremely problematic in ways that we cannot fathom.  

Yes, war is a super-serious thing and should be avoided at all costs.. 
But the subject we're discussing is "What happens when crazy goes nuclear?"

If a blockade was undertaken, the Iranians could very easily close the Straits of Hormuz through which 
passes 20% of the world's oil supply.

There you go again.
"If you don't pay the bully, he might throw a punch at you."

Yes, some punches might be thrown.
How committed are you to surrendering to every bully who barks?

What if Ahmahandjob says, "I want Obama on his kness on the White House lawn 
barking like a dog or I'm going to close the Straits of Hormuz."
We can't let punks push us around.

Thirdly, preventing a nuclear war may be a stated goal and perhaps a laudable one at that, 

Careful, you're going out on a limb there   :)

but are you willing to attack and invade one more country in the Middle East 
in order to prevent what so far has yet to exist?  

Who said anything about attacking?
I'm talking about blocking ships carrying their oil to other countries..
If they want to challenge our Navy, I'll bet our guys are ready for them.

Assuming that Iran develops a nuke (understandable, since the US does NOT attack nuclear-armed countries) 
do you really believe that Khamenei would be so mad as to invite nuclear retaliation by Israel, which has an 
estimated 200 nuclear weapons?
Just some food for thought...
 Scott in Arizonastan

I think you just asked me, "Are they bat-shit crazy in the Middle East?"

The answer is yes. 

I was kinda smart-ass with you - just trying to have a little fun while 
solving the world's problems, but really, what's your suggestion?

Let Ahamahandjob get nukes and hope he's kidding about wiping out Israel?
(Please, nobody write and claim he never said that.)

Is there anyone within Iran's rocket range who agrees with you?

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