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Bartcop Family Catholic Consigliere Shocker

I was in St Louis over the holidays.

While driving around with the senior Bartcop Family Catholic Consigliere, we talked about
a lot of things. It was Saturday, but being a dumbass who can't keep track of a calendar
I thought it was Sunday, so I asked him when he was going to Mass.

He said, "I stopped going to Church."

The word "shock" doesn't begin to describe what I felt.
It was all I could do to keep from driving off the damn road.

I asked what was up with that and he said:

"The Church told me I wasn't allowed to vote for Obama because of the abortion issue,
 which means I could only vote for the party that wants to dismantle the safety net for
 the 150 million Americans that are doing all they can to make ends meet."

I could hardly believe my ears.

Hey Catholics, I got a thunderbolt for you:

If you lost THIS guy, you've lost everybody.

You know how most kids want to be a fireman or astronaut when they grow up?
Not this guy - all he ever wanted to be was a priest - since longer than I've been alive.

If you can't keep THIS guy in the flock, you have no f-ing flock.
I'd like to take credit for "turning" him, but he doesn't even read the page.

It must've taken a lot of courage for him to make this move. but it's the idiot Catholics' fault.
The Catholics have been taken over by right-wing idiots from Benny the Rat on down.

I still can't believe you lost THIS guy.



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