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Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair

I have formed a new partnership with a Tulsa company run
by a technical genius who knows everything about PCs.

If you have a problem with your computer, Mr. Tech can fix it.

He can download and install programs on your computer.
He can reconfigure your setting, if needed.
He can run compatability checks if you have a new computer
and your old programs aren't working properly.

The best part is we'll come to you.


If you have the net, we can connect.
We have readers every place you see a red dot, and that includes tiny islands in Indonesia
and mainland China and Sudan - I'll bet it's tough getting a house call in Sudan,
but WE can work on your computer anywhere - so why not give us a try?

Why use Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair?
 1. Mr. Tech is an expert -you don't have a computer problem he can't fix.
    Obviously, since he's not there, he can't replace your broken CD writer,
    but he can verify that you need a new one as opposed to some setting not being checked correctly.
    We can't help you if you're on a Mac or using Linux, but Mac and Linux users machines never
     need repair, from what I hear :)
 2. Mr. Tech is honest - I've known him five years  (and think of all the computer problems I've had)
     and now, for the first time, I'm using a computer he built  so the reliability has shot thru the roof.
 3. You have the Bartcop Guarantee.  I've been on the web since February of 1996.  Most of you
     have been reading Bartcop for many years and I wouldn't put my name on a product or service
     that wasn't 100% legitimate with a Guaranteed Money Back Policy if we can't do the job.
     (If Mr. Tech gets inside your computer, we have at least charge a small diagnostic fee.)      
4. We're going to give you FULL SERVICE.  When Mr Tech is done with your computer,
     you will have every update you need. You will also have the best in virus protection.

But why use Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair?

If you have a computer problem, you can always let some stranger into your home and hope
he's not casing the joint for a robbery later on.  Or, you can have a friend or relative work
on your computer, but sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

About a month ago, a friend offered to switch out my dead CD writer for a working one.
When we booted up afterwards, I had no operating system on my computer and that cost me
a lot of money and several gigabites of heartache - you want to avoid that.

Wouldn't you rather have an expert working on your computer?

<>Note: If you have an expert who you trust, you don't need our service.
If your computer works perfectly and is glitch-free and your husband or nephew or
neighbor is a genius you can trust with all your files, you don't need our service.
Our service is for the people who don't have a loved one in Best Buys Geek Squad.

Here's how it works:
You send us an e-mail with the details of your problem or what you want to accomplish.
Our skilled techinicians will look over your case and present the best course of action.
Within minutes of your initial request, we are connected to your computer and fixing your problems.

If you're a current Bartcop subscriber, you pay $65 to cover your first hour. ($75 for non-subscribers)
Hundreds of problems can be solved in less than an hour.  If your problem is likely to need more
than one hour, we'll tell you that up-front.  Now and then stuff will happen, but that's where
having that Bartcop Guarantee comes in handy.

If your neighborhood tech guy screws you over or messes up your computer,
all you can do is avoid using him in the future. But my reputation is in play
so you're not going to get screwed.

Once you've paid, we'll send you to a webpage that has a button that, when clicked,
will allow Mr. Tech to get inside your computer. He can't get in without your permission.

Mr. Tech is honest and he really knows what he's doing.
When he works on my computer, it's like watching a blur.
When he opens the settings box and click on drop-down menus he looks like The Flash.

A few days ago I was bitching about Windows downloading cartoons to My Pictures
and how I had to use an extra 300 keystrokes a day because of that?
Mr. Tech fixed that in less than one minute.
Now every toon goes right to my Bart folder.

I had a list of 10-12 things that were broke,
Mr Tech ran thru that list like a hot knife thru warm butter.

For less than the price that the big stores charge for a diagnostic,
we'll fix the problem and you'll never had to leave your home!

Note: Microsoft has announced the end of XP SP2 support
in their
effort to push people to Windows 7

Even if you won't be paying the $120-200 to upgrade right now, when that time comes,
ask us to scout out your compatibility issues before you get cauight in a bind.

We also offer phone support during connection at no additional charge.
so our technicians can talk to you while he's working on your machine.

Computer Services:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • System Tune-Ups and Optimization
  • Software Installation, Setup and Training
  • Windows Updates
  • Driver Updates
  • E-Mail Setup (Web Based, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and More)
  • Hard Drive Maintenance (Partitions, Conversions, Defragmentation and more)
  • Registry Repair
  • Audio & Video Transcoding (Changing one format to another)
  • Downloading and saving video from sites like YouTube and alike.
  • Wireless Router Network Setup

Specialized Training:

  • iPhone Training and Support
  • Basic Picture Editing
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Basic Microsoft Office
  • Audio & Video Transcoding (changing one format to another)
  • How to LEGALY rip and store your DVD & Blu-Ray Collection on your computer.
  • How to rip Audio CD’s to your computer for playback or to make compilation CD-R’s
The list is only limited by our imagination. If you have a computer need
but don’t see it listed above please contact us and allow us to find the best solution for you.
Trust me, you don't know anybody this competent with Windows.
He knows what he's doing and  he's backed by the Bartcop Guarantee.

You know how we met?
He was running the Audio/Video Department at The Guitar Center in Tulsa
and I went out there looking for someone who to fix my radio problems.
He knew audio, video and computers and this was five years ago.

Why would you let anybody but an honest expert work on your computer?

So if you have a problem with your computer, or maybe you want
some new program installed and set up by a guy who knows what he's doing,

Click Here for more (and more intelligent) information

Now, let's get to work fixing those computers!

roll up sleeves

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