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Subject:  I guess Episode 2516 is the Beat up Arizona issue, huh?

Sorry, but we disagree on this one.  For me, its about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not the race issue that 
groups Like La Raza put forward.  Does America deserve, and have the right, to know who is coming into this country or not? 

Im not for Amnesty either because it discriminates against all those people, like my Grandparents, who waited in line for months 
in order to enter this country legally.  New Immigrants have to know our history, and pass certain criteria before we approve their entry.

ILLEGALS have done none of that. What is their incentive to do right by this country?  They have already shown their true colors 
by breaking our laws. Then they are exploited by unethical employers, coyotes and many others. Nobody in our Government wants 
to touch this hot potato, for its political suicide to lose the Hispanic vote, and the Dems are shameless in their quest to get it. 

The Arizona law parrots Federal laws already on the books, but WHO has the balls to enforce them?  Not Obama, not the Palin Party, 
not even Mexico, the soon to be Narco State.  All the Whities in Congress are afraid that “THE RACE,"  Al ”I won’t apologize to Duke” 
Sharpton, and other fringe leftist civil groups will accuse them of being Racists.

This is NOT a race issue. Ill give you my reasoning for my position, and leave it at that.

Im sure you know of the MAFIA…. 
Remember when America enacted Anti-Racketeering legislation? Remember who whined and complained? 
The Italian & Sicilian communities. Was it Americas fault that the majority of MAFIOSOS, (i.e. criminals), 
just happened to be of Italian and Sicilian descent?  America just wanted to stop crime. Was THAT really 
Racial Profiling done by America or the only way to stop that type of criminal offense?

The show, The Untouchables, starring Robert Stack, was cancelled due to protests initiated against advertisers and the 
shows’ producers because they felt it portrayed Italians in a bad light. In reality, though the show starred mostly fictional
characters and locations, the show was rather factual on a time lime & a kinda what really happened basis. 
Yeah, all the bad guys portrayed were Italians.  History also shows this to be true.

So, in order to crack down on Illegal Immigration, a front line State, inundated by over 460,000 Illegal immigrants & ignored by the Feds, 
decides to take action on its own, & the LARGEST offending group decides to complain about being singled out. Is it Americas fault 
that the MAJORITY of ILLEGAL immigrants just happen to be Hispanic?

Recently, a long time Rancher, Robert Krenz, was murdered on his own property. Law Enforcement traced tracks 
back to the border, indicating an ILLEGAL murdered this man. 

People are very afraid right now and they want action. Since our government is not doing anything, shouldn’t the States take action? 
Isnt this a STATES RIGHTS issue now?  Like Oregons Death with Dignity Law?  Southern Border States are getting beaten up 
due to unregulated immigration taxing local services and the Tax payers.  SOMETHING had to give.

If this Law creates dialog and removes the log jam in Congress, from here on out, Im supporting Arizona 100%

Keep Swinging that Hammer anyway  J

 Robert in Seattle

We could stop the flow of illegals into this country - but we choose not to.
We have army bases in practically every state - why not relocate half of them to the borders?

Web cams are as cheap as $5, but we choose not to use them to patrol the borders.

We must assume the super-rich have their reasons for keeping the illegals coming.
We must assume congress and the White House have their reasons for keeping the illegals coming.

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