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Bennet claims victory in Colorado
Even tho they haven't finished counting votes


Colorado's Senate candidates are preparing for a possible recount in a neck-and-neck contest,
with neither contender declaring victory by early Wednesday.   (At 1 PM today, Bennet claimed victory)

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck were within a few thousand votes of each other
with nearly 1.5 million ballots counted. Thousands of provisional and write-in ballots remained to be counted.

As of 8 a.m, Bennet had regained the lead votes, with just 6,487 votes seperating him from Bucks.
About 87 percent of precincts were reporting.

Some projections showed the race could end up within half of 1 percentage point, which would trigger
an automatic recount under Colorado law. Both Democrats and Republicans said last week they'd be ready for

This was a smart move by Bennet - claiming victory.  Like Bush in Florida in 2000,
just saying "Thank you for electing me" works wonders on brain-dead asshats who are
waiting to be told what the news is by anybody who happens to be talking.

I like this Bennet guy - he doesn't fight like a Democrat.  (Huge compliment)


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