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Benny the Rat vs Gays
Gays are 'Insidious And Dangerous'


Benny the Rat, trying to deflect the rape crisis that has engulfed his crime organization, on Thuirsday 
called abortion and same-sex marriage some of the most "insidious and dangerous" threats facing the 
world today, pretending they were worse than the organized child rapes his cabal promotes.

Abortion is a necessary evil, like root canals.
Gay marriage is nobody's business but those getting married,
but child rape is just fine with this "man of God."

Benedict made the comments before an estimated 400,000 people in Fatima. 
The central Portuguese farming town is one of the most important shrines in Christianity, 
where three shepherd children claimed to having visions of the Virgin Mary in 1917.

How in the world did some wild-ass story concocted by three Portugese kids become a Catholic touchstone?

Benedict's visit to Fatima on the anniversary of the apparitions was the spiritual centerpiece of his 
four-day visit to Portugal, which ends Friday. It was cast by Vatican officials as evidence that he had 
turned a page in weathering the abuse scandal, which has dogged him for months.

Running to Portugal makes the approval and cover-up of thousands of child rapes go away?
How delusional can a Rat get?

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, pointed to the turnout in Fatima and said it was 
"very beautiful and encouraging" that pilgrims hadn't been deterred in expressing their faith despite months 
of revelations about priests who molested children and bishops and Vatican officials who turned a blind eye.

That's some semi-decent spin on an impossible situation.
Looks like Ari Fliescher left Eldrick to help the Rape Cabal in Rome.

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