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'Big Brother' Drug Ring
 Used CBS's money to buy inventory


Last fall, Adam Jasinski, the winner of 'Big Brother's' ninth season, was arrested for using his $500,000 winnings 
to buy thousands of oxycodone pills, planning to resell them. Now, Matthew McDonald, Jasinski's compadre on 
the reality show, is also being linked to the drug dealing charges.

  (Photo: McDonald, left, and Jasinski, right)

A federal court indicted McDonald on Tuesday for his part in an alleged drug operation run by Jasinski. 
The indictment states McDonald participated in the drug ring for a year and a half, up to last October.

This news comes just over a week after McDonald's April 18 arrest for assaulting his pregnant fiance.
Two days later, he was "busted for trying to bully his pregnant fiance into dropping charges he beat her," 
police told the New York Daily News. 

Police said McDonald, 26, punched his seven-weeks pregnant fiance in the face, kicked her repeatedly, 
dragged her around her Boston apartment and tried to strangle her.

The new Season of Big Brother is just around the corner!

It's like Survivor without the broken bones.

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