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<>Big Dog: Tea Party is a corporate front
 by Joe Conason


As Tea Party activists celebrated their upset triumph in Delaware, Bill Clinton showed up in Minneapolis
to support the Democrat challenging Miss Bat-Shit --  Michele Bachmann, the founder of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus.

At a late-night fundraiser for state Senator Tarryl Clark, Clinton described Bachmann as the epitome of a trend he regards
as profoundly dangerous to the nation’s future. "Your opponent," he told Clark, "is the ultimate example of putting ideology over evidence."

"I respect people with a conservative philosophy," he continued. "This country has been well-served by having two broad
traditions within which people can operate. If you have a philosophy, it means you’re generally inclined one way or the other
but you’re open to evidence. If you have an ideology, it means everything is determined by dogma and you’re impervious
to evidence. Evidence is irrelevant...

'They’re saying that Barack Obama represents the spearhead of this vast socialist conspiracy to have government swallow up
the fabric of American life and he’s going to crush our individualism, and our freedom, and the vitality of small business…
They tell us that they they represent America the way it used to be, self-reliant, virtuous individuals and small businesses.
And the truth is what they want to do is dismantle government so corporations, big corporations will control our destiny.'


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