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Big Dog is Mr. Popular Now
  by super-idiot Howard Kurtz


Bill Clinton, we are told, is the most popular Democrat out on the campaign trail.
While some in the party have no desire for Barack Obama to stop by, Bubba is very much in demand.

Which is somewhat amusing, because 10 years ago he was deemed a liability when Gore was trying to get elected.

Yes, Gore made the biggest mistake of his career when he shunned the most popular Democrat in America.

What's fascinating to me is the way we soften our view toward presidents once they are safely out of office.
There has even been a hint of nostalgia for George W. Bush, who killed 5,000 soldiers and stole from every
American's bank account and killed jobs for tens of millions of people.  Maureen Dowd and a couple of other
liberal columnists (Kurtz is crazy - Dowd hates everyone and everything) have recently recalled W's reassuring
words on the rights of Muslims and called for him to speak out on the mosque controversy. Even Jimmy Carter
has been far more successful as an ex-president than he was in the White House.

Fuck you, Kurtz.
Carter's "mistake" was caring about those hostages enough to get them home alive
while the Bush bastards were bribing the Iranians with weapons to hold them even longer.

During his eight years, Clinton was the focus of constant attacks from the GOP.
He was Slick Willie, he was too liberal, he was going to tank the economy, he was
dissembling about Whitewater, he didn't respect the military, he sold the Lincoln Bedroom,
he was a lying philanderer. (Well, uh, that part turned out to be true.)

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. If you spent one hundred million dollars to investigate
every man in Washington I'll bet half have a girlfriend or a secret that could end their careers.

What would we find out about Howie the bribed idiot if we spent $100M investigating and
threatening your friends & family with dying in prison if they failed to give us something?

Fuck you, Kurtz, you judgmental, insignificent little prick.
You're a bought-and-paid-for Bush bastard so yeah, you have problems with the Clintons.

The Clintons are the most investigated people in human history
and all you sons of bitches could ever find was a little tongue.

That practically makes them saints.


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