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Blagojevich 23, Feds 1
Why can't prosecutors learn?


A federal jury found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on Tuesday of one count of lying to federal agents,
and the judge said he intends to declare a mistrial on the more serious remaining 23 counts.

Prosecutors immediately vowed to retry the case against Blagojevich as soon as possible. The charges had included
the accusation that they had tried to sell or trade Obama's old Senate seat and that the governor had tried to use the
power of his office for personal gain.

Rod Blagojevich showed no emotion as the verdict was read.  The jury's conclusion ended an 11-week trial during
which a Blagojevich was heard on FBI wiretap tapes saying the power to name a senator was "(expletive) golden"
and that he wasn't going to give up "for (expletive) nothing."

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
They charge him with 24 counts and he skates on 23 of those?

How incompetent can prosecutors be?
And why 24 charges?  Why not four, instead?
Why not pick the four charges that are easiest to prove and let the rest go?

Why do prosecutors reach so far, only to get bitch-slapped by the jury?
Why can't prosecutors f-ing learn from past mistakes?

And they further screw up by claiming they'll re-try him on the 23 counts the jury rejected?
Prosecutors who can't get convictions should be fired - or jailed.
They have the power to ruin people's lives and they're this bad at their jobs?

And why do they always go for the triple-overkill?  No sense in getting three people to
make a point when you can parade 40 handjobs in there and muddy the waters, instead?

If Marcia Clark had her way, she'd STILL be calling witnesses in OJ's trial..

Are these trials like hard drugs to procesutors?
Do they wish they could stop, but they can't?

I didn't follow the trial but right now Blago looks 95% innocent.
He can claim the feds are vengeful, incompetent  losers and he'd have a point.

Like most things, trials are like a poker game. When you charge a guy with 24 counts,
you're betting all your credibility that you can prove all 24 charges.

When you lose 23 of 24, that means you never had nothing.


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