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Blagojevich fate in juror's hands
  Could someone tell me what he did wrong?


Rod Blagojevich's fate was in the hands of jurors Wednesday as they began deciding whether he
tried to sell a Senate seat and schemed to use his political power for personal gain.

During the trial, prosecutors portrayed Blagojevich as a greedy, smart political schemer determined
to use his power to enrich himself throughout his administration, and who saw the opportunity to
appoint Obama's successor as the chance to get a lucrative and well-paying job in the administration.

By contrast, Blagojevich's own attorney characterized him as an insecure bumbler who talked
too much but never did anything to enrich himself.

So what was his crime?

Something fell into his lap that was worth maybe a hundred million dollars
and he's supposed to give it away to some lucky bastard?

Didn't Curazon spend $60M to buy his senate seat in New Jersey?

I'll bet they spend $250M on this year's California race,
but Blago is suppposed to give that seat away like free movie tickets?

If you donated enough money to Obama's campaign
he will appoint you as ambassador to some country.

If you donate a truck full of money, you can pick your country.
 If you have the cash, you can be ambassador to England, France or Italy.
but Blago is suppposed to give that seat away like free movie tickets?

What happened to selling something for market value?

Everything is for sale in this country.
Justice, your health, The White House - but a senate seat from Illinois is super-sacred?

I suspect Blago was an arrogant asshole so they decided to "roll him."


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