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Blanche Lincoln vs Clinton
Wait, didn't he just save her career?
 by Joe Conason


Other than Al Gore – or perhaps Barack Obama – there are few major American politicians who speak out 
more passionately about global warming and the need to change our civilization’s energy economy than Bill Clinton. 
His concern dates back before the unanimous rejection of the first Kyoto treaty by the U.S. Senate – which he had 
endorsed as president -- and he has devoted the  resources of the Clinton Foundation to reducing carbon emissions
and saving forests around the world.

Which raises profound questions about Clinton's dogged campaigning for Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., whose comeback 
victory in a bitter primary last Tuesday was attributed to his support. Today, Lincoln rewarded him by joining with 
Republicans in a landmark vote to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases...

Whatever he and Lincoln discussed before he went into Arkansas on her behalf, she evidently has not gotten his fervent 
message on climate. While her assumption of the chairmanship of the Senate Agriculture Committee in 2009 was a victory 
for their home state, it was a debacle for environmental progress, especially on climate policy, because she simply doesn’t 
"get it" on energy, farming and climate. She is a mediocre senator overall, but on these critical issues she is a horror show.

In the last 5-10 issues I remember asking something like:
> Why are Obama and Clinton so eager to help Blanche Lincoln

> when she does all she can to block their progress?

Obama can claim, "I was naive."

What's Clinton's excuse?

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