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Subject: Blood will be spilled and here is why:

I agree that blood will be spilled and here is why:
Since my days, they ridiculed Jimmy Carter and it worked, he was defeated in shame. 
But President Carter was right, we are indulgent and we need to conserve and be peaceful. 
Rhetoric won against Carter and Reagan won in a landslide so the wingnuts did not have to take their actions any farther.
Then along came President Bill Clinton who brilliantly steered our economy into the second best 
growth spurt in history, not to mention saving Bosnia and whipping Newt Gingrich's butt. So, the wingnuts 
had to ramp up the hyperbole to match Clinton's success and investigated him into a corner, ultimately 
impeaching him over nothing. They matched their actions against our successes.
Now, the Republican's universe has collapsed. After the wretched years of George W. Bush, where 
"Treason, War, Torture, Economic Catastrophe, Soup Lines and Tent Cities", a smart young 
African American named Barack Obama became President of the United States.
A black man is President in America, religion is a pedophile tragedy , de-regulation did not work, 
cutting taxes and an orgy of spending created an enormous deficit, the economy collapsed and people 
were murdered on September 11, while President Bush sat stunned, reading a children's book.
Every claim the Republican's made, "strong on defense", "family values", "de-regulation and free market", 
and "fiscally sound" have been proven wrong. Throw in the facts that President Obama whipped their butts 
on Health Care , the stock market has increased by roughly 70% and the economy is suddenly growing 
and the Republicans old hyperbole won't work and they have to take it the maximum level because their
failures are at a maximum and people are on to their Orwellian games.
Consequently, they have to ramp up the hate speech to change the subject from their incompetence 
and failures, and guess what? There are lunatics and racists out there who actually believe the Democrats
and President Obama will take their guns, kill Grandma and put them in jail for not purchasing health insurance.
You're damn right there will be blood and frankly it cannot be avoided because this classic, class-warfare 
contest has been happening since Jamestown.
Yes innocents will die, but in the end Progressives will beat the racist bastards again, just as we did in the Civil War, 
and in the 1960's. This time however, we must confront them and force their hands.
History has taught us what the KKK, the fascists, and robber barons are capable of and no hand-holding, 
nor teachable moments will work against irrational people. We know that now.
Strength, force, might and results will win the day, but it will be a bloody day indeed. 
Ain't that a shame when all we are asking is for everyone to play fairly.
To put it simply, the psychotic forces that place money over our very earth, and class over life will never stop 
until they are beaten down. It is time for that beat down because the stakes are too high with the Earth melting 
and species after species of life is dying off before our very eyes.
This is a life or death situation and once again they will attack and we will slowly but surely 
gather together and defeat them. This time however, I hope we don't let them up ever again.
 Mr. Mustard 

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