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Bob Bennett run out of politics
Utah Senator not Nazi enough for today's GOP


Three-term Sen. Bob Bennett became the first victim this year of a wave of voter anger toward Washington 
in a defeat that will likely send a jolt through Republican incumbents everywhere. 

When it was announced that Bennett had been eliminated from the race, a huge ovation swept through the 
convention hall and there were hoots and shouts of "He's gone! He's gone!" Other delegates hugged and 
teabaggers waved their yellow "Do Not Tread On Me" flags. 

Bennett becomes the first Utah senator to fail to get his party's nomination since Democrats tossed out 
Sen. William King in 1940 over King's opposition to the New Deal.  Bennett was in tears as he answered 
questions during an emotional meeting with reporters. 

This is like Barney Frank being run out of the Democratic party because he wasn't gay enough.

This is pure suicide for the GOP.
They think America, having just elected a Black president, wants 100% right-wing Bachmann-type handjobs?

Bennett should be crying over the fact that his beloved GOP has gone bat-shit crazy.

Of course, we can expect our Democrats to get the wrong message and cower in fear and wet themselves
as they crawl under a table and begin to cry, but that's not what's going on here.

All a Democrat has to do is list the facts, and say something like, "If the right-wingers take over,
they will force you women to have your rapist's baby. If you're on board for that, vote GOP."

But, of course, they're too cowardly to use language like that 
so they can still pull off a loss if they try hard enough.

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