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Boehner Picks Up Pieces
Did he get snookered by Obama?


A CBO analysis of the spending cut compromise Democrats and Republicans reached last week may
have avoided a government shutdown. But it has turned into a public relations nightmare for John Boehner.

As advertised, when the House and Senate pass the spending bill this afternoon, domestic discretionary
appropriations will fall $38 billion from levels set at the beginning of the year. But because some of the cuts
will be realized over years, and because some of the savings are culled from left-over money in existing
accounts, the bill will only reduce direct spending by about $350 million.

Politico's David Rogers was the first to crunch the numbers, which we've since confirmed. When viewed
from this perspective, Boehner appears to have gotten a raw deal, and the White House looks pretty savvy.
 Conservatives activists and House members were caught off guard, and angry, and now Boehner's making
the rounds to calm everyone's nerves and convince members once again that he got the best possible deal.

ha ha

Is this real?
Did our side actually win one?

If so, that's going to make the Rethugs very angry and
their resolve will be extra-steeley in the next round and
those Teabagging idiots may call for Boehner's removal.

Speaker Bachmann, anyone?

Could be bad for America but it'd be a gold mine for comedy writers.



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