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Both sides don't do it
  by John Aravosis


The Republican party, and American conservatives, have a fetish for violent imagery in words and pictures.
It's why Republicans think it funny that their supporters bring guns to Obama rallies. It's why Glenn Beck
can claim on FOX that Obama plans to eliminate 10% of the US population in some kind of genocide,
and Beck still keeps his job. It's why Sarah Palin (the woman who coined the phrase "death panels"
- suggesting that Democrats, and our president at the lead, had a plot to kill millions of elderly Americans
for sport - a ridiculous, and incendiary, notion that was embraced by the leadership of the Republican
party and its propaganda organ, FOX News) can put bullseyes on the districts of Democratic members
of Congress, and even tell her followers to "lock and reload," and all the Republicans laugh at how funny
the violent imagery and words are...
Has the right been constantly bemoaning a left-wing leadership embrace of violence, and somehow we all missed it?...
There is no left-wing NRA. There is no vice presidential candidate on the Democratic side who puts
bullseyes on the districts of members of Congress he doesn't like. And there is no Republican presidential
nominee who has seen a spike in death threats in part because of the ramblings of the other team's noise
machine and its elected officials.

When you tell people that Democrats in Congress, and the White House, are planning to institute
death panels to kill their grandmother, how do you expect them to respond - with roses?

There aren't two sides to the Republicans' embrace of guns, violence, and angry mobs.
It's all theirs. And it's time the media stopped pretending otherwise.”

He's right - the airwaves and cable are FLOODED with "Both sides do it" and
"Both sides need to calm down."


Please - name a Democrat who needs to "calm down."
Our biggest problem is we can't motivate anybody to FIGHT!

Sadly, Jon Stewart agrees with that

Did you see his show Monday night?
He gave Palin and Pigboy a FREE PASS on their hate talk.


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