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Subject: Boycott the Socialist NFL

In an attempt to find a  way through the thick skulls of dittoheads and teabaggers, I may have stumbled onto something.
The NFL is a socialist organization with a strong union. Sports is sacred in America as you know and many of our citizens
can instantly recite every statistic of their favorite sports hero, or team yet cannot tell you who the Secretary of State is.

I mean these guys will disrupt town hall meetings and spit on Democrat Congresspersons for giving them health care,
then turn around and demand that we pay taxes to build stadiums for billionaires. As an avid Atlanta Falcons fan
I often blog on the Falcons’ page because I enjoy football, and because I need a diversion from the
insanely selfish society we have devolved into. 

Dittoheads were posting the usual bullshit about “socialist liberals” on this sports blog and I sent in a complaint to
the AJC editors, but nothing was done of course. Then it hit me, the NFL shares television revenue equally among
the 32 teams and the NFLPA is one of the strongest unions in the world. Furthermore, the Green Bay Packers are
owned by the town and that is communism! 

So after a few exchanges of “you are a socialist liberal” vs. “you are a stupid moron” (redundant I know) it hit me
and I posted it. “The NFL is socialist and is the most successful sports league in America. Chew on that Ditto.”
“It also has a (gasp) union”.

The only response I received was from a screen name “I am a Tea Party Member” who said;
“Mr. Mustard you are making this up.” Of course they cannot grasp the facts, the truth and
immediately shut down their minds and declare conspiracy and lies, etc.

So I recommend you use this as a talking point, and hit them where it hurts.  The NFL is socialist
and they are successful, and if you truly hate socialism and liberals then you must boycott the NFL.

Also ask them if socialism is so bad, then why are these capitalists billionaires practicing it, and why is it
so successful? Then answer perhaps because they realize that in order for them to succeed and have an
audience, they must ensure people can participate and purchase their product.

Yes, that bastion of masculinity and Americana, the National Football League
are hand holding, kumbuya-singing socialists.
 Mr. Mustard

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