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Brad Pitt on Meet the Press
Brent Budowsky hides his Hillary hate for a minute


I propose a standing ovation for the noble and important work that Brad Pitt has done in New Orleans,
after hurricane Katrina, to build affordable and environmentally innovative housing that has made life better
for many people, and lifted the spirit of the community.

The Pitt segment on Meet the Press represented one of those rare moments when serious national news
of great substance intersects with Hollywood celebrities doing substantial and highly valuable work.

An article in The Atlantic titled "Houses of the Future" described in some detail the environmental
innovations of what residents of New Orleans call "the Brad Pitt houses".

On Meet the Press Sunday, Brian Williams of NBC News discussed these homes with Pitt, especially
the way the homes are built sufficiently above sea level to withstand even a Category 4 Hurricane,
and are built to be affordable for those who would need them.

Isn't it interesting how Republicans and Democrats handle money differently?

<>Brad Pitt raised enough money to build 150 homes for poor people in New Orleans.
Bono tours the globe with a message of helping those with less.
The Kennedys have more money than God, and they've spent their lives helping others.
George Clooney has raised multi-millions for 9-11, tsunami victims and Haiti.
Meanwhile, the vulgar Pigboy uses his $400M to scream insults at Blacks and the poor.
Sean Hannity tours the country with Lynyrd Skynyrd's Dixie flag, promising to give
the profits to American families who lost a soldier, but then fails to give them the money.
Laura the Hag has all those millions yet she's unhappy because she doesn't have the
freedom to scream "nigger, nigger, nigger" like those lucky Black comics on HBO.

Whoops, sorry, I just found myself listing the facts.

But a shot of Chinaco for Brad Pitt - using his fame and money to help others.



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