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Bristol steals Levi back from Kathy Griffin 


Although Bristol Palin told Harper's Bazaar last month that Levi Johnston, father of their son Tripp,
is "a stranger to me," that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. quotes an unnamed source as saying that two are no longer at odds 
and that Levi "stays overnight" at her Anchorage condo.

The teen couple broke up after son Tripp's birth in December 2008, and have battled in court over child support.

In a statement to Good Morning America Wednesday, Bristol didn't say they were romantic, but she didn't 
deny they are spending more time together: "Levi and I are turning a new page here as co-parents to this 
wonderful boy and putting aside the past because doing so is in Tripp's best interest."

Kathy's reality show "My Life on the D-List" premiered Tuesday night (funny as hell) and they 
showed clips from coming shows like where Kathy and Levi knock on Sarah Palin's door.

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