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Building 7 Debate continues...
Hi Bart;

Thanks for responding on your blog. Man you are going to start a shit storm from your readers.
You opened a can of worms and as you will see 911 truth will spur a flurry of emails.

What would be the point of the flurry?
I'm not the guy you have to convince.

My guess - 95% of America doesn't want to hear that message
so you're going to need a giant-sized anvil to make an impression.

Because of all the holes in the governments story many people are interested in this subject and
many like myself are furious at the lame delayed investigation and what it did not cover or question.

I am also outraged that the Bush bastards stacked and fixed that commission.
Our Democrats sat there and let it happen and we all got screwed.

We know they're hiding sometyhing - it could be something slightly embarassing OR
they could've been in bed with OBL like they were with Hezzbollah in the 80s.

The Bush bastards have proven time and again they'll do business with ANYBODY
if there's some good money to be made.  Hitler, Noriega, Saddam, Libya, Syria, etc etc

You try and make me sound like some kind of fool as if I devote my life to this when in fact I don't
but I feel I can smell a rat when it tries to lie to me, and I get pissed when blogs dismiss 'truthers' and
further the meme that they are crazy. 

I don't think I said you were crazy, but you have to admit - you're kinda obsessed.
It's my guess this riddle won't ever be solved. I hope you're prepared for that.

My wording and style sometimes are rough and harsh, and I am sorry for that, but that is my
'hammer swinging style' even though it can be repellent. I doubt my point would have gone over
much better with you if I had wrapped it in honey and down feathers.

My point was your abrasive style might chase away allies you need.

Please post my response to this piece by posting the following: And your readers should be given an
opportunity to review these links as well. Of course if you can respond to the Tower 7 issue that would be great.

Is Tower 7 different from Building 7?
I don't have an opinion on any of those.

Here's the link to 1,509 architects and engineering professionals that don't support the government theory.
Because it is not THE American Institute of Architects is it less valid?

I think you're still missing the point.
If you have 1500 architects that say Building 7 was a demo job, what's holding you back?
Why isn't that news all over Huffpo and Salon and Kos and Talking Points Memo?
Are those sites helping the Bush bastards keep their secrets - or do they not believe you?
Why doesn't some Leftie ask Obama about Building 7 at every press conference?

Bottom line: Something is blocking your message - what is it?

Silverstein was the owner of The World Trade Center complex and got the billions from insurance and
did not have to spend billions for the asbestos abatement at the WTC because of their destruction.
Here's the link where he says the building was pulled:

Here's a link to Wikipedia on Demolition
from Wkipedia:
"Preparation: It takes several weeks or months to prepare a building for implosion."
In case you haven't seen Tower 7 fall in its foot print here's the video and another where the BBC reports
the collapse before it happened.

Bush and Cheney waiting 18 months to testify and demanding they not be under oath and testify together,
doesn't 'prove' anything, but it does fit with the adage that if it stinks it is probably full of shit.

I agree 100% and I said so starting the minute Hamilton was appointed to cover this up.

Many left wing blog sites won't let 911 come up (Like Amato's Crooks and Liars) because it immediately
high jacks the threads. This is because there are so many left and right wing people that question the
governments story and can smell a rat, and they are pissed.

Does Crooks & Liars have a message board?
Do you get banned if you bring up the subject?

Or maybe they, like me, want to see the proof before they commit?

Every time a 'truther' is called crazy it furthers the acceptance of the governments story and that is exactly
what our (your) corporate masters want. Forget about it, move along, move forward, nothing to see here.

One last time - I'm on your side.
I just can't join the parade without proof that I can show to others.

If someone asks me to explain Building 7, all I can do is point them to the sites you listed,
but I don't have time to get deep into this never-gonna-be-solved puzzle.

Thanks for not calling me Cheney or Limbaugh  :)


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